Protect Your Kids from Bad Influence of the Internet with the following 4 Ways It

Each year development #internetare always observed to grow rapidly and significantly.Not only from the support network, but also on the number of users, the Internet became one of the elements that is now to be reckoned with.Of the widespread influence of the Internet is no doubt if then the Internet has plagued small children, perhaps your children at home.Well this is where you as a parent should have the capacity to undertake the protection of your children from bad influences internet.

On the one hand, the internet does contain some content that is bad for children.The bad content from the Internet course should you keep it away from your children who are playful internet.But how to teach children are protected from the bad influence of the internet?Here’s his review.

1. Secure Search Engines

The first way to protect children from bad influences internet is by securing #mesin search.Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and gradually so did have chances to show things that are not good for your kids.With the ease of accessing the bad content from this search engine then it selayaknyalah you as a parent to do security.

How to?The trick is to take advantage of Google’s SafeSearch feature.We would indeed devoted to the search engines that one is because Google is one of the most popular search engines.Now with SafeSearch feature enabled then you will be able to filter out adult content that appears on search results.Here’s how to enable Google SafeSearch feature:

*.On Computer Devices:
1. First, open the Google home page and click the search settings.
2. From there, find the “SafeSearch filters” section, check or uncheck the box next to “Enable SafeSearch”.
3. Finally click Save at the bottom of the page.

*.In Mobile Browser:
1. The first step opening the page and touch Google search settings.
2. From there look for the “SafeSearch filters” section, then enable secure search by selecting a filter explicit results and also turn off safe search by choosing to display the most relevant results.
3. Finally, touch the save in the bottom of the page.

*.On the Android app:
1. Open the Google app
2. Then in the left corner of the page, click the icon Menu> Settings> Accounts & privacy.
3. Then scroll down in the “SafeSearch filters”.From this section enable secure search by checking the box and also turn off safe search by unchecking the box.

2. Set Restricted Mode on YouTube

Next steps to safeguard your children from bad influences by setting the Internet is restricted mode in #youtube.Yes, YouTube movie media is also dangerous if not done setting.

Why?Because some of the content in this YouTube contain things that are not should be seen by children.Well this is where you need to make arrangements restricted mode on YouTube so that children avoid bad influences internet.Here’s how to be able to make arrangements restricted mode in YouTube.

*.At Computer Screen:
1. First drag down the Youtube page and then click on the small arrow next to “Safety: On” and pull it down again
2. The second step select Off (Off), then save

*.On Screen Mobile (Browser):
1. First select the YouTube logo in the top left corner to expand the menu.
2. Next select the gear icon to enter the settings menu.
3. Finally, select the “Mode protection (safety mode)” to enable or disable this feature.

3. Check Settings App Store

Further ways to protect children from the adverse effects of the internet is to perform a check settings App Store.In this way alone can be done to prevent a child downloading #aplikasiappropriate to their age and also prevent children from buying any item from the paid app without your permission.

4. Check the Social Media Privacy Settings

Lastly, how to avoid the children from bad influences the Internet is to check the privacy setting #media sociothem.If they have a social media account make sure you check its privacy settings.What for?Privacy settings social media is done to ensure that they can share and chat with people they know it.


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