IPW urges Investigate Jokowi For Congestion Toll Brebes

The investigation to reveal whether the cause of the congestion due to the incompetence of the police or no intention associated ith rising Commissioner General Tito Karnavian as police chief
Chairman of the Presidium of the Indonesian Police Watch Neta S Pane urgent cases of congestion in the ‘pathway to hell’ toll Brebes thoroughly investigated.Especially in a jam, there are some travelers who died.
“President Jokowi must conduct a thorough investigation,” said Neta through Whatsapp message to Tempo, Saturday, July 9, 2016.
He explained that the investigation will reveal whether the cause of congestion due to police incompetence in performing traffic engineering or some sort of sabotage no intention to rises Commissioner General of National Police chief Tito Karnavian “skipping” of six forces on it.”Investigate for investigating a cause of congestion,” he said.
Even so, it is the responsibility congestion Kakorlantas Police and Central Java police chief.Therefore, IPW Kakorlantas asked to retreat a knight.
For failing to perform traffic engineering and Brebes district, Central Java, so the line to a standstill up to 25 hours.”Such problems can not be tolerated,” he said.
Neta said that the existence of severe congestion at toll Brebes, accompanied by travelers who died showed that the concept or policy- Zero acident who campaigned ahead of the forth season in 2016 did not materialize.”Being nonsense,” he said.


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