Passengers Busway In June Highest This Year

President Director of PT Transjakarta, Budi Kaliwono, revealed a total of Transjakarta bus passengers and TransJabodetabek in semester I / 2016 has exceeded the target.Until June 2016, the number of passengers increased to more than 10 million people.
“It has exceeded the target for this year at 10.2 million passengers. This is the highest achievement during 2016,” said Budi at City Hall, Thursday, July 14, 2016.
Since the beginning of 2016, the average number of passengers Busway ie, as many as 8.51 million in January, February dropped slightly to 8.15 million in March rose to 9.01 million in April increased slightly to 9.10 million, and may reach 10 million, and June rose again to 10.2 million.
Although the number of passengers from one month to continue to grow, Budi hope Transjakarta bus passengers and TransJabodetabek per day can be increased.The increase was in line with ditambahnya the number of the bus fleet.
Primajasa Will Demand Busway
“Busway never carry up to 345 thousand passengers per day. That is the highest achievement. Well, we’re working on the realization exceeded. Hopefully this can be achieved in the year,” said Budi.
He hoped, with the broader range Busway and TransJabodetabek, passengers per day could rise to one million people.


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