Tuanzebe Mourinho Confident Young Players Can Boost Performance

Feeling inferior or insecure are not attached to the young players with potential, Axel Tuanzebe, when facing Jose Mourinho who gush Manchester United.Tuanzebe “injected” serum confidence by coach nicknamed The Special One was to face the match against Wigan on Saturday, as quoted bythe Daily Star.
Tuanzebe aged 18 years of performing in the 82nd minute and reap praise from Mourinho when Manchester United beat Wigan 2-0.
The young player who keeps up her confidence was assured that the cold hand of Mourinho is able to raise the prestige of the Red Devils squad to face competition season 2016/17.”Had a great manager certainly be proud of. It’s a positive thing for future developments,” said Tuanzebe MUTV.
“Now I have to continue to give impressive performances for two to scoring. It’s my golden opportunity. Last year I had a little injury. Now I’m back in shape and ready to perform well strengthen the first team,” he said.
Tuanzebe ready to join with the United squad in two games in the pre-season tour of China against Borussia Dortmund and Manchester City.”The competition season is really challenging,” he added.


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