Fastest Human Mourinho Call Waiting to Join Manchester United

SMKN 1 Slahung

SMKN 1 SLAHUNG – Usain Bolt looked forward to Jose Mourinho to bring Manchester United back to the golden age.The world champion sprinter is known as a big fan of the ‘Red Devils’.
Athletes who dubbed ‘The Fastest Man’ is confident in Mourinho.He understood that ‘The Special One’ has the quality.
“I am personally delighted. It was the right choice, Mourinho is a winner. He was a hard worker and it is required by MU,” said Bolt.
“He is building a squad and I’m interested in seeing more big name to join,” he continued.
MU Announces Squad Squad Number Next Season
Not just fans.Bolt known to have ambitions to become a Manchester United player.In fact she could do a test on the coaching era of Sir Alex Ferguson, although ultimately failed.
Asked whether the Jamaican was still want to take the opportunity to be a player.He replied jokingly.
“For now I have received a call from Mourinho. I think he’s still waiting until the Olympics ended,” said Bolt was quotedGoal.


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