Offer Yourself So Reserves in Barcelona, ​​Van Persie Denied

SMKN 1 Slahung

SMKN 1 SLAHUNG – Malang nian fate of Robin van Persie.Intends to leave the club now, Fenerbahce, but the striker’s effort 32 years it was always just stuck.
Van Persie last season, performed well in the Turkish league.He entered the ranks of the top scorer in the competition there.
Unfortunately, Van Persie uncomfortable.Security conditions in Turkey erratic made him want to return to the Premier League or try to appear in La Liga.
Had opened negotiations with West Ham United, but the London club decided to resign because they feel unable to if you must pay a big salary demands bomber Dutchman.
Position Threatened, Barca goalkeeper Not Want Lift ‘White Flag’
Sport reports,it does not make the situation Van Persie broke.He is still seeking to immediately lift the foot from Fenerbahce.
Recently Van Persie touted volunteered to join Barcelona.Not only willing to cut salaries.He even did not mind having to assume the status of players Trio coatings for MSN.
Fenerbahce himself believed also would not mind removing Van Persie for € 10 million.Just unlucky, Los Azulgranas showed absolutely no Gelat interested in hiring former Arsenal striker and Manchester United it.


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