After Waking Sleep, Better Drinking Water Warm or Cold?


SMKN 1 SLAHUNG – Drinking water after waking up is good for health.Which is best, cold or warm water?
Drinking warm water after waking up so fitness secrets Lindsay Ellingson, Victoria’s Secret model.This custom comes from the ancient Indian medicine, Ayurveda.It is said that by choosing warm water, the body more easily absorb and stomach so quieter.
On the other hand, it was suggested to drink cold water because it can burn more calories.This custom was carried those who wish to lose weight.
So which one is better?Drink warm or cold water after you wake up?ToToday(27/8), Cassie Vanderwall as a clinical nutritionist atUW Healthin Wisconsin said, “We know whenever we digest something different temperature than the body temperature is 37C, the body needs to work harder.”
Drink of cold water keeps the body regulate its own temperature.This habit does not promise weight loss.
“Only a few calories are burned when one drink of cold water,” says Leslie Bonci, a nutritionist and owner of Active Eating Advice.He explains, “When you drink a cup of cold water to burn 8 calories more. Even if you drink 8 glasses, calories burned just 64. This number does not even equal the calories of pretzels.”
A study in 2003 found people who drank cold water increases metabolism by 30%.Lindsay Malone as theCleveland Clinicdietitians say this means that a person’s body to burn 100 more calories per day when drinking half a liter of cold water.
“Increased metabolism of the body comes from drinking cold water, but also of drinking water in general,” said Malone.
Meanwhile drinking warm water is able to soothe the stomach so it is recommended for those who experienced gastrointestinal disorders.But there is no evidence to suggest drinking warm water makes the body more easily absorb it.
Apart from warm or cold water is selected, enough drinking water have a positive impact on overall body health.
“If you are not hydrated, your metabolism will slow down,” said Malone.
With hydrated, it would be appropriate tubuhpun sends hunger signals is when truly hungry and not thirsty.

What’s Really Sea Salt More Nutritious than table salt?


SMKN 1 SLAHUNG – Sea salt is now more diverse.The chefpun chose this salt to memperlezat cuisine and because the nutrients.
Sea salt or sea salt are now increasingly types.LikeHawaiian black lava, Himalayan pink, rose Bolivian, Peruvian pink mountain spring,and others.Then known as’artisanal salt’.
The chef put sea salt for flavor gurihnya richer.Consumers and nutritionists also call sea salt is healthier than table salt.
This is because of sea salt does not go through the process plant and more natural.Also believed to contain essential minerals.This salt is promoted as able to balance the body’s pH, healthy digestion and provide supply of antioxidants.
Quoted from exaggerated claims about sea salt is not supported by scientific foundation.
In terms of health, the consumption of salt will still trigger high blood pressure and other diseases.Salt is not a source of calcium, magnesium, and potassium which is good.For providing minerals still need the intake of other foods.
Whatever you choose, sea salt, table salt or salt particular continues to be used appropriately.Season to taste dishes should not be too salty.Add salt if necessary.It can control the intake of salt.
The main difference between table salt and salt are iodine levels.Table salt is usually fortified with iodine.Because iodine is a mineral essential to prevent mumps.
While sea salt is not enriched with iodine.Thus provides no iodine intake.Likewise, the salt used in processed foods.
Though the intake of iodine is not only of salt.Many other foods such as fish, flour, milk, bread and eggs grains also contain iodine.
As is known to give 1/4 tsp salt intake of 50% of 150 micrograms of iodine daily.For pregnant or lactating women need 220-290 micrograms per day.
As for pure vegetarians often lack iodine intake because there is absolutely no consumption of dairy products and meat.The intake of iodine can be obtained from seaweed.
Unfortunately, there is no measuring instrument to determine the levels of iodine in the body.If it needs to be able to use the iodine intake of iodized salt.However, whatever the reasons can not arbitrarily add salt in the food.

Benchmark Leeco Le 2S Print High Score


SMKN 1 SLAHUNG – Although not yet released, the ability Leeco Le 2S already noticeable.A leaked benchmark test results reveal, what is it worth?
A mobile phone with a code LEX720 tested using Antutu application.Le 2S LEX720 is believed to be released in the near future Leeco.
The result itself is quite riveting.Leeco brand-new phone is able to achieve the value of 157 897.
The score is actually not surprising.Because cell phone Leeco equip it with the latest processors Qualcomm, the Snapdragon 821 SoC.
It’s just not known how much RAM capacity embedded Leeco.But rumors Le 2S will be equipped with 4 GB of RAM for standard variant.
As for the highest version will carry a 6 GB RAM.For the storage space itself is present three options, namely 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB.
Latest Mobile Leeco touted has a similar appearance to his brother, Le 2. The difference lies in the bezel or rim is thinner.
The front is dominated by the selfie camera and proximity sensor.While on the back there is a fingerprint sensor and a 16 MP camera.
There is no information when the phone which will carry a 5.5 inch screen will be released.But it is probable Le 2S slid next month, as reported by the Gizmochina, Sunday (08/28/2016).

Apple Makes iPhone Maling Capture Technology


SMKN 1 SLAHUNG – iPhone is often the target of thieves.Therefore, Apple made technology that can capture the thieves iPhone.
So far Apple has done a lot to anticipate the iPhone theft.They never gush Find My iPhone feature to locate the last position of the phone.There is also an active encryption technology when users enter the wrong password repeatedly.
However, it is not enough.With adequate technology such as this, the thieves may break into two of these features.Therefore, Apple wants iPhone thief was immediately arrested on the spot unnoticed by the thief.
The company is headquartered in Cupertino, California, the United States was developing a feature called ‘capturing biometric information for identifying unauthorized users’.As quoted from Engadget, Sunday (28/08/2016), the system will automatically capture fingerprint data and images from the user when the verification failed.
Not only that, some other biometric data information, such as time, location of the device, the speed, air pressure, audio data, and the other will be collected.All information will be sent to Apple’s servers.
Of course, this technology will be a huge problem for the thieves, because they will need time to tamper with the stolen iPhone.However, it also would be a problem if it turns out that tinkering with none other than the children who have accidentally triggered the system active.
Do not know when this technology will be applied.Sebeb Apple recently filed a patent have not yet been approved by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

iPhone 7 Storming Shop 16 September?


SMKN 1 SLAHUNG – Puzzle launch a brand-new iPhone began to see a bright spot.Some newspapers say when the successor to the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus made its debut.
Page Forbes, on Sunday (08/28/2016), informs down Apple will release a new iPhone on September 7th.Two days following companies made by Steve Jobs that would open the tap booking early in some countries.
Meanwhile, the Twitter account @evleaks also helped inform the same thing.But he is referring to when the iPhone 7 will invade Apple stores.
In his first tweet, an account owned by Evan Blass wrote that the latest iPhone will be available in the second week of September.Then in the next tweet, he said more specifically that the iPhone 7 will be available in the Apple Store on September 12.
Evan confidence quite plausible.Because it is a tradition Apple released the device in the market every Friday.In addition, the company led by Tim Cook would normally begin poured phones anyarnya hose one or two weeks after preorder faucet is opened.
But all that is still just a prediction.Because so far Apple has not sent out invitations iPhone launch event 7.
Apart from that, the new iPhone will be powered processor A10 and brings a number of brand-new features.One is the use of a capacitive home button, and rumors took off a 3.5 mm audio port transferred its functions to the port lightning.
7 iPhone camera size will be increased, so did the internal storage capacity.Apple will provide a choice of internal memory of 32 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB.
In zoom alone probably will not be much different from the previous generation.However, its thickness is almost certain to be sexy for Apple to be willing to eliminate the 3.5 mm audio port in order to smooth it.

Mi Note 2 Equipped with 6 GB RAM


SMKN 1 SLAHUNG – Xiaomi is preparing a new flagship phone named Mi Note 2. Reportedly this phone will be pinned specifications are quite capable.
It was known from leaked screenshots posted on Weibo social media.Visible innards are pinned on the Xiaomi Mi Note’s successor.
Xiaomi’s latest flagship phone running MIUI Android 7.0 8 berbasisi Nougat.While the internal storage space of 64 GB.A strong possibility Mi Note 2 will provide a higher variant, which is 128 GB.
While the kitchen was redone itself uses 820 Snapdragon processor speed of 2.15 GHz.Xiaomi helped embed a capacity of 6 GB RAM, as reported by the Phone Radar, Sunday (28/08/2016).
Unfortunately, no information on the screen.But when referring to the leak, Mi Note 2 will have a stretch of a 5.5 inch screen with a resolution of 2K.Xiaomi will make the screen periphery curved like Mi 5.
This was rumored phone will waltz September 5th.But the latest news says Mi Note 2 will debut on 1st September.It may be that Xiaomi would bring his cell phone is diperhelatan IFA 2016 in Berlin.

Google Loon stumbling block in Indonesia

SMKN 1 SLAHUNG – It’s been almost a year since Google signed a memorandum of understanding with three Indonesian mobile operator for testing Project Loon.But until now there has been no continuation of Google’s internet projects balloons.
IT Network & Solution Director Abdus Somad Telkom Arief said that the Project Loon is still being held up by the government.There are two things that become the focus of discussion.
The first matter of sovereignty.There are fears that others or foreigners in the sky Indonesia, some important information can be stolen by them.
“We like being stripped naked, because already caught all the same of them. So the government conduct a review carefully,” said the man who often called Asa when met after attending a public discussion Strategy Building Telecommunications Infrastructure for Equitable Development and Progress of State in the Multimedia Room of the University of Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta.
The second thing is the technical aspect.While this is still discussed the operation of the Project Loon territorial division in the country.As is known, in testing, Google is working with the three mobile operators, Telkomsel, XL Axiata and Indosat Ooredoo.
When asked if Project Loon failed to fly, Asa said it did not matter.For as long as we build a terrestrial on land and at sea.Technically capacity, it will not be rivaled by that is in the air.
“The capacity of the air is limited. There can compete on land,” said Asa.
In the same place, Secretary General of the Center for Policy Studies and the Telecommunications Regulatory ITB M. Ridwan Effendi firmly say true Indonesia does not require internet bubble Google.Therefore, Indonesian children are able to create the same technology.
“Operators should work with the nation itself. So the research funds flow in the country,” he said.
For cooperation known to fly balloons Google has agreed Telkomsel, Indosat and XL Axiata while visiting the Google headquarters, and then the end of November 2015.Google balloon it plans to deploy 4G signal over the air in the 900 MHz spectrum.
Google’s balloon will be flying and moving around Indonesia over a height of 20 kilometers by 40 kilometers radius beam.The signal is delivered is a cellular signal to the base station 4G LTE made by Google themselves.
The balloon can fly for 150 days in space.Before the balloon was deflated, Google will steer the balloon landing site in vacant land and not at sea, so that the transmitter radio device can be retrieved and used again.
Radio transmitters were attached to the balloon provided by Google, which has been specially designed to be water resistant to strong winds.Meanwhile, the radio on the balloon stays connected to the transmitter tower on land belonging to the mobile operator.
In a note, Google itself calculates Indonesia needs about 6,000 balloons if you want the entire archipelago area gets signals from a hot air balloon.But that will not be tested much.
Minister of Communications and Information Rudiantara ensure Project Loon will be airing in 2016.He claimed just encountered the X which is the company that runs Google’s internet projects balloons.
As is known, Project Loon balloon internet or Google a technological innovation incurred by Google X. However, the company is now named X lived alone.
“Just people who ngurus Loon X had met me. They want to update to our terms of security, and they have communication with the TNI headquarters,” said the minister who is familiarly called the RA Chief.
Rudiantara continue, then Google X also have to take care of air traffic permits to the Ministry of Transportation, as a condition prior to the Google internet bubble can be aired in the archipelago.
However, because of the time, changes occurred in puncuk Minister of Transportation of Ignatius Jonan to Budi Karya Sumadi, the permission of these institutions so choked.
“Before the change of ministers, they are already (started to manage licensing), but because the new minister again, later updated again,” said Chief of RA.