3 Morning Ritual To Productive All Day

SMKN 1 SLAHUNG – Starting a morning activity can sometimes feel heavy, especially when considering the myriad of agenda to be served throughout the day.In fact, tired and tired yesterday there has been redeemed by sleeping overnight.
If you encounter a situation like this, you may need to make healthy ritual in the morning, so that the body refreshed and improvedmood.Way too easy, as described below.
1. Sports little every morning
No need to spend a lot of time to exercise, you just need to move your body regularly for seven minutes every morning.Small exercise routine in the morning can make your body more refreshed and ready to complete various jobs in the office.
2. Breakfast fruit and vegetables
Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important consumer in determining productivity.Most people tend to choose instant breakfast, such as scrambled eggs,cereal,or bread.
In fact, there is another way that is easier and faster but still can maintain fitness throughout the day.Try to consume fruits and vegetables in the morning.You can drink orange juice, bananas, spinach, cucumber, and a variety of other healthy vegetables as a new breakfast menu.
3. Chatting with colleagues
Encourage the morning by talking with friends or colleagues at the office.Chat materials preferably outside the context of a professional so you can refresh your mind before work.
In addition, decide three things you want to achieve until lunchtime.With the achievement of these three things can make you feel successful and encouraging levels of personal productivity.


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