10 Simple Steps To Restore Your Brain Concentration

smkn 1 slahung
SMKN 1 SLAHUNG – As a businessman or entrepreneur, we are very often faced with various challenges and business issues at any time.Starting from making important decisions until the focus should always supervise the business operation often will drain energy and also our minds.
When these conditions are gradually keeps going then sometimes our bodies will not be able to resist.Therefore we have a few tips so that we can remain focused despite running a business and need to resolve various problems.One of them is by way of “recharge” energy in the body and mind.
To be able to run it, here are 10 little things that could be done to again increase focus and concentration conditions.
1. Walk
When we’re having trouble and have to think very hard to solve the problem, just a walk away we are able to help a little.At least to restore the brain tense, moving the legs and the body could be a good alternative relaxation.Especially if we can take these in the open air, it would be better effect.
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2. Drawing
It is quite unique suggestion on this one, because basically humans are visual creatures which requires channeling one of them is by drawing.For the type who likes to draw, it rarely can get inspiration and ideas to develop better business.
3. Respiratory Training
When we are forcing our brains to work hard, breathing exercises are the easiest way to merelaksasikanya back.Try inhaled a deep breath and spend regularly in several counts.Undoubtedly your concentration will be back by itself.
4. Avoiding Electronic Devices
Next tip is to keep away from electronic devices.As it is known that certain electronic devices emit signals that can sometimes make your body reacts as pangs of stress.Therefore, it is better we leave for a moment all the technological devices for at least 1 hour.
5. Bath
Already many people are proving that with a little shower we can eliminate fatigue in themselves.The bath can also be done cold water or warm water, adjusted to taste and habit.At least certainly with bath body will be more clean and fresh so it is ready for the move back.
6. Positive Thinking
How to restore the concentration back, can be tried by positive thinking or recall many positive things that has ever happened in our lives.By thinking positive things that has ever happened, could be the spirit and motivation to rise again from the matter at hand.Besides positive thinking can also open other potential within us.
7. Viewing Photos Funny
With internet facilities, whenever we can access a variety of content such as the one funny pictures.Photos funny coming from a baby or favorite animals, in fact, can also be a stressful drugs to restore physical strength and mind.Try these tips, especially when you have spare time off work.
8. Looking at the Green Plant
As noted before that humans are visual creatures that require delivery in the form of an image or object that can be seen.And lush greenery is one of the best object to relax the eye and mind.Even in a study saying that looking at greenery for 40 seconds can increase the concentration of workers.
9. Make a list Achievement
When we’re too late to think about a business problem, we can repeat the achievement of what we want to achieve.Techniques like this are simply executed in a manner to distract the brain towards something that is fun.You can write these achievements are not only related to the world of work but also for your personal life.
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10. Net-Net
And tips to restore the physical and mind power that is by cleaning the work space or home.Doing a good cleaning swept or rearrange things fall apart, can be simple activities at the time of the job stream.See something neat, in fact, can also be a cure for the brain to feel more relaxed.


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