Advantages and Disadvantages of Dairy milk by hand Nor Breastpump

smkn 1 slahung
SMKN 1 SLAHUNG – Jakarta- Flushed directly with your fingers or using a breast pump can be an option when the mother wanted to express the milk.In between these two techniques, which is more advisable?
Lactation counselor in TigaGenerasi, Dr. Wisdom Kurniasari, MKM, CIMI revealed in theory, when expressing milk by hand, there is skin to skin between the mother’s hand with breasts.Then, the mother can guess where the positions are still breastfeeding and can be issued.
“The pressure can still be arranged. Cup of his or pinching fingers, can be arranged as well. Meanwhile, if you use the pump the cup of his segitu wrote. Sometimes that position secretion of breast milk does not maximal or not to empty really,” explained Dr. Wisdom time talking with detikHealth.
Only sometimes, milking by hand can make mothers feel tired.Moreover, there are some mothers feel when wearing hand express milk rather difficult.Although, said Dr. Wisdom, if the technique is learned correctly, then expressing milk by hand quite easily.
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If using a breast pump, in principle, there are two tools that use the pump by hand or electric pump apparatus.At the pump by hand, in which the mother moves the tool by hand, the mother can feel sore.Thus, indirectly tantamount to mothers who express milk by hand.
“If you use electric pump Okay mother stayed nyolokin wrote, continues to sit just so, is out ya breastfeeding. Meanwhile, if disposable pumping device by hand, stiff as well. Well, then from there anyway back to their mother would use way which one. the important principle emptied her breast, “said Dr. Wisdom.
Women who also practices at Sari Asih Hospital in Ciputat and the Indonesian Lactation Center (Selasi) is added, it is recommended to express milk by hand.Moreover, expressing milk-handed according to Dr. Wisdom is actually more efficient and not overly complicated where the mother had to wash pump equipment first before using it again.
“If you want pumped again the mother should nyuci appliance again, it sometimes makes mom likes lazy. If you use the hand actually stayed wash hands, take a bottle, more simple. The default was not heavy,” concluded Dr. Wisdom.


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