E-Commerce Giant Aircraft Fleet Make It Alone

smkn 1 slahung
SMKN 1 SLAHUNG – Jakarta- For the sake of satisfying consumers, online retailer Amazon world now has its own fleet of aircraft.Delivery of goods is also expected to be faster.
Quotedfrom PCMag, a company founded by Jeff Bezos has just showcased its first cargo plane that will soon be employed and called Amazon One.Type of aircraft used is a Boeing 767-300.
“Creating a network of air transport is to ensure rapid delivery of goods to customers our Prime category for years to come,” said Dave Clark, Senior Vice President Amazon.
Later there will be 40 aircraft of this kind is operated entirely to deliver the goods to the hands of consumers Amazon.The plane was operated by Atlas Air which has been used to handle cargo Amazon.
Amazon recently achieved a breakthrough enterprising porterage.Not long ago, they tested a delivery by drone.Delivery time is about half an hour, depending on location.
“In time, there will be a large family of drones Amazon. The design is different for different environments as well,” says Amazon.
Amazon Drone is designed such that it can be entered with a box of goods to be delivered.He will fly vertically, and then leads to a consumer’s home.Drone models that exist in this video can deliver up to as far as 24 kilometers.
The drones equipped with sensors to avoid obstacles in front of him.He will land at the location marked, issued goods, then flew again.Amazon did not say when such drones will operate, but predicted to be around the end of next year or early 2017.


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