Four Things Regarding Popular Twin Brother Wrong

smkn 1 slahung
SMKN 1 SLAHUNG – Jakarta- There is a lot of mythology, horror, and even constellations (Gemini) related to the twins.Not surprising because the twin phenomena in society had always been considered enough to attract attention.
Due to a variety of popular stories emerged from whence also born myths.Among these there are some myths that many believe but it’s been proven wrong by researchers.
Quoted from ABC Australia, following expert feedback on some of these myths:
1. Mutual read minds
The idea that the twin could read each other’s minds, including one popular myth that has been disproved by researchers.One thing that supports this myth by Psychologist Katie Wood is probably due to the closeness between twin makes them understand each other like reading minds.
“As understood without explanation … It’s more toward intensity and closeness of their attachment with no magic in it,” said Katie.
Researcher Jeff Craig from the Australian Twin Registry said in the study never was evidence of the presence of what is called the activity of extra-sensory perception (ESP) among twins.But he did not dismiss when a pair of twin could feel a closeness.
“I accept that there is a rational explanation behind it. Twins have a relationship that is stronger than others and this is something we can not understand,” said Jeff.
2. Feel the same pain
Another popular myth is called the twins could feel the same pain.An example of this is like when one spouse pinched his arm, the other couples will feel pain in the same place.
But again many failed experiments that have been done to prove it.Twins Sarah and Jenny also had a story that reinforces the notion that this is just a myth.
Sarah told me when he was in labor, she suffered complications that have to go through a painful procedure.Jenny on the other side of the feeding in the hospital environment was unaware that his twin is going through tremendous pain.
“My brother was there and he did not know,” she said.
Jeff Craig said in the case of a twin who say they can feel the same pain because of the possibility of psychological conditions mainly related to empathy.Due to the proximity of existing empathy for one another between individual twins so high.
“There is so much empathy that is owned by a couple of twins. Just like when you feel very close to people you can feel their pain,” said Craig.
3. Identical twins have one placenta
The assumption that identical twins have only one placenta is a popular myth, even among physicians.It is true that when the baby out with the same placenta which means they are identical, but keep in mind that babies sometimes separate placenta can also identical twins.
This happens because the embryo may separate (into twins) before or after the placenta is formed.If the embryo is already separated before the placenta is formed, the edges of the placenta could be two.
How to know if the baby is born identical or not only by genetic testing.
4. The school should be separated
Parents sometimes worry that the twins were placed in the school they will rarely socialize and hinder the development of character, emotion, and personality.This is contradicted by psychologist Katie Wood who said that the twins could grow together without problems.
Later, when a teenager twins will naturally try to arrange a time to separate.
“Adolescence can be a difficult time because they need to know how to separate themselves from twin as well as parents,” says Katie.
(fds / vit)


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