Gains Tax Payer Tax Amnesty Come Early

smkn 1 slahung
SMKN 1 SLAHUNG – President Joko Widodo asserted.Taxmeasures or Forgiveness TaxAmnestyfor taxpayers who store their wealth overseas assets determined in accordance absorbed the portfolio being prepared.
Jokowi said the asset portfolio among exchanges, mutual funds, financial industry, pension funds, and insurance.
“The money goes to Indonesia for what? The government is preparing short-term investments, short-term instruments through the form of government securities shares, if the bond is no SOE (State Owned Enterprises). All portfolios are already prepared,” said Jokowi in Dago Bandung, West Java, Monday, August 8, 2016.
As for the medium term, Jokowi said Indonesia currently requires the allocation of huge funds for infrastructure development.Currently, the government requires additional funds for infrastructure reached Rp3.400 trillion.
“Medium term, long. For what? We have intensively building infrastructure, duitnya still lacking a lot. In the five-year forecast of Rp4.900 trillion. From the state budget in five years we expect supply only Rp1.500 trillion. Still less,” Jokowi light.
Therefore, theTax Amnestyprogram, the turnover of assets deposited by the taxpayer abroad as an opportunity to increase the ‘pulse’ of finance.
“Where the flow of inward investment? FromTax Amnestyprogram it. Then for what? Can it be put to Kuala Nanjung Port development in North Sumatra, Priok,” said Jokowi.
Jokowi added, Infrastructure is currently a concern, since as a basis to improve the economics of the sector.In fact, the former Governor of DKI assess infrastructure development in Indonesia should move, Jokowi term, ‘quick – velocity’ with other countries.
“Because thebasic,basic to medium-term economic aid, medium and long term, the infrastructure. If it is not ready, so we have to be left at other countries,” he said.
Meanwhile, Finance Minister Sri Mulyani said the targeted taxpayerTax Amnestyprogram will get a lower ransom, if early to declare his assets.
According to him, there are several different rates.Among other things, rates ransom for the asset repatriation, or declaration in the country, or the property being brought into the country by two percent, three percent and five percent.
“It must be reported and counting, as well as pay a ransom before 31 September,” said Sri Mulyani in Bandung.
With the proviso that, according to Sri Mulyani, taxpayers menyimpat movable and immovable assets that are expected to fare much prefer ransom two percent.”So, Mr. President said the end of this month and early September will be seen, probably much to choose two percent,” he explained.
As for the three per cent, is for the report and would pay the ransom valid from October 1 to December 31, 2016. “As If exceed December 31, meaning the father of the mother would get up to five per cent until the end of March,” he said.
Furthermore, Sri Mulyani said, to the taxpayer of the perpetrators of Small and Medium Enterprises is 0.5 percent, with a circulation of business under 4.8 billion, and two per cent in accordance with the overall value of which is owned by the taxpayer.
Sri Mulyani appealed to those who own property abroad are expected to be brought to Indonesia to use the benefit of the current development.If not to be brought into the country, it must be declared.
“However, the ransom, hisratedoubled, ie four per cent until the end of September, six per cent up to December, and 10 percent from January to March next year,” he explained.
For his part, now, in collaboration with 55 companies as agatewayas a facilitator of taxpayers including 18 Bank, 18 investment managers, and 19 broker.
Tax Amnesty, Jokowi Jamin Legal Certainty Taxpayers
“So, if you are familiar with the bank that is used, use it all. Especially, for repatriation and we expand, so no more no complaints, ‘oh this is not a bank that I normally use’. The complaint was we subtract,” said Sri.(Asp)


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