It’s Always Wrong Reasons You In Choosing Men

smkn 1 slahung
SMKN 1 SLAHUNG – Jakarta- Do you feel always repeat the same thing in a relationship with a man who is wrong?Do you always have a playboy lover, mama’s boy, rude or cheaters?Stop wasting your time to keep a relationship with the wrong man.
You may find it always stuck with men who are unstable, emotional or even appreciate and always hurt you, but why is it always the case.As if not possible it happens repeatedly.Your friend may have already warned, you yourself were also already promised myself to avoid the wrong man.But in fact you can not ever refuse and instead are interested in the types incorrect.Find out why!
1. You Want to Help
You always obsessed to improve and help from people who are troubled.As if the man is sebuh project should you change with your ability to love and tenderness.You spend a lot of time to love him wholeheartedly, but what do you get?In fact the man is hard to be changed and again you end up with a broken heart.
2. Finding Quality False
Perhaps the quality of the man you’re looking for is always balanced between appearance, wealth and the nature and character.You only care about handsome men or have your own car.At the beginning of your courtship ignore rudeness or his playboy.So start of a standard appropriate to think about long-term relationship.
3. Actually Not to Move On
When not move on and still stuck with the former, unconsciously you will be looking for a figure that is similar to the former.The breakout figure may make you feel that he could replace the old figure of a man, but about the hurt will probably continue because you still choose the type that’s it again.
4. Low Self
Feel inferior and do not have the confidence, making you feel less worthy to get the love of a good man intact.Whoever the man who approached you, you are satisfied though not know him well.(Kik / kik)


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