Viewed Costume Leotard Gymnastics Artistic Athletes at the Olympic Games Rio 2016

smkn 1 slahung
SMKN 1 SLAHUNG – Jakarta- After seeing the costumes march the whole country in the Olympics Rio de Jenairo, Brazil 2016 Olympic fashion still continues from there.The athletes have demonstrated not only their expertise, but also a uniform that is not less beautiful, especially in the sport of gymnastics beautiful or gymnastics.Each wears tight leotard leotard or full color hue even sequin embellishments.Like what?
1. Team USA
American athletes wear beautiful gymnastics leotard with the essence of his country’s flag colors, namely blue, red, white also star.They wear collection of brand Under Armour decorated with Swarovski crystals.Reportedly, this luxury leotard valued US $ 1,200 or US $ 15.7 million in his shop.Top costumes, the American team was also commended in social media say if their costumes ‘extraordinary’ and ‘charming’.
2. Argentina
For Argentina, needless to contrast or brightly colored leotard to make the athletes look good on the field.Just look white with shades of blue leotard below.Looks so feminine, yet beautiful and powerful when used to act.
3. United Kingdom
With designer Stella McCartney became the brains behind the British contingent costume, of course, the appearance of the athletes will steal the show.The blue leotard bring emblem flag United Kingdom, the Union Jack on the back, and also a sprinkling of crystals fancy in front of him.
4. Australia
Wrapped in an attractive emerald green color, costume Australia also drew attention to the metallic luster of her costume.
5. India
India made a simple leotard costumes for the Olympics.On a white background, but decorated in shades of green with crystal sequins that seem glamorous.(Asf / asf)


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