Neymar irony in the Olympics and Late Duo Sensation Gabi

smkn 1 slahung
SMKN 1 SLAHUNG – Escaped from pinhole.So the fate of the Brazilian national team in the preliminary round Group A soccer Camp host the 2016 Olympics finally advanced to the quarterfinals after successfully defeating Denmark four goals without reply.
It was the first victory for Brazil.Previously they are known are always held to a goalless draw by South Africa and Iraq.
Brazil accumulated five points were the result of three times a game and entitled to the final standings in Group A. As for the runner up position occupied Denmark have four points.
In the quarter-finals later, Brazil will meet strong opponents, Colombia.A party is interesting because it becomes a duel between two great powers South American football.
For the Samba Team, the duel is more than just demands to lift the name of the nation.But also an opportunity for removing the criticism that was sticking out at the beginning of the tournament.
Proof Duo Gabriel
Brazilian victory over Denmark out of the role duo Gabriel (Barbosa and Jesus).Three goals Micale Rogerio’s team born from the feet of the player.
Gabigol is the most shining on the game.He successfully contributed two goals in minutes 28 and 80.
Not only that, the young star of the Santos also played as tireless.He was able to tear apart the Dynamite team defense from all sides of the field.
A situation that makes Gabigol now becoming widely rumored going to leave to Europe.Juventus, Inter Milan, Napoli added to Leicester City bomber desperate to bring in 19-year-old.
2 Swimmers Indonesia Failed to Continue Progress in Olympics
Teammate Gabigol, Gabriel Jesus too little to address concerns of Manchester City’s new signing him from Palmeiras.Although not yet able to be a measure of quality, at least one tally donations can make fans of The Citizens quiet for a moment.
Neymar sinks
Contrast with the duo Gabriel, the team captain Neymar is still sluggish.The Barcelona players contribute nothing concrete yet so far.In fact, he was the most reliable to lead the team perform at the fourth annual big event.
On the existing situation, the legendary coach Mario Zagallo spoke.He stated that Santos Neymar is not yet mature character.
“He must be conscious of being led the Brazilian national team. Neymar can not get out of this line. He has not yet mature, it is an issue that we should not have,” said Zagallo.
While Micale as coach appealed to the Brazilian public in order not to add burden to Neymar.He banned fans behave badly, like denouncing or insulting the player.
“Neymar will one day be the best player in the world, and we have to respect it,” said Micale.
“If we do not honor our best players, they might not want to be with us again. Neymar is just 24 years old and not yet fully mature. In general a player reaches a peak at the age of 28 years, physically and mentally,” he said.
He also stressed that Neymar is already faced with tremendous pressure, because being a leader since he was 17 years old.At a young age, Neymar has scored 46 goals for the senior national team of Brazil.However, pressure is believed to have affected him.


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