Young Star MU Mourinho Reveals Other Side

smkn 1 slahung
SMKN 1 SLAHUNG – Manchester United’s young stars Jesse Lingard enjoyed a career under the tutelage of Jose Mourinho.According to him, Mourinho is a humorous figure of the coach.
“He memimpi all training sessions. And while demanding we continue to work hard, he was always making jokes and jokes to the players,” said Lingard reported by Soccerway.
“At first I suspect, he’s the coach is very strict. But although his mind is always on the job, he often throws jokes to the players,” he continued.
Contest Jersey MU Thus Materials ‘Bully’ in Social Media
The 23-year rate, the attitude of Mourinho it makes the creation of bonds between the Portuguese manager with the players at Old Trafford.
“He has charisma. But you can still talk to him about anything and he would always try to help,” said the 23-year-old.
Lingard was performed apiknya by contributing one goal in Manchester United’s 2-1 win over Leicester City in the Community Shield last weekend.


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