Create a set Words Former Funny Satire

SMKN 1 SLAHUNG – Having the former has become a special memories in one’s heart.By using theword funny word for the formerone can use the memories of the sad memories or painful that may be a comforting thing.Funny words there will always be a weapon to destroy the sadness faced by anyone.
However, to draw up a funny word concerning the matter of the former is not an easy thing, because in many former side is someone who has a lot of places in our hearts.Starting from the most pleasant place and also the most depressing place.Obviously everything is a thorny problem.Forgetting would be difficult, will also be made in memory of a disease.
The most appropriate thing to do in the face of the mind mind about the former is a lot a lot of readingfunny words for the former.It can give you entertainment.You will not be led to forget it, but also not required to always remember.If one must remember, the former is someone who will make your life more colorful, full of laughter.But everything is just a joke only, so that will not make you take away the feeling.
The former is indeed a problem.A thing very closely with the heart and mind.Filled with shadows sad and unpleasant.However, being a wise person is the best way in the face of the former.
Create a set Words Funny Former
I recalled that I’m lonely
Stop updating your ex on facebook evils, indeed, he was illiterate!
Not one of the former if first he ninggalin you.One’s own slow your way!
The sweetest way to express the feelings are still fond of the former is to menjelek-jelekkannya.
Rather than continuing to spit disgrace ex-lover, you’d better love rat poison!
Do not speak ill of a former girlfriend excessively.Not necessarily you’ll be able to substitute even worse.
Never swear “only death can separate us”.Because your ex is mautmu !!
do not ask what you’ve been given to feedback, but ask what the benefits are for your feedback?
If you think of your ex was a demon … Why did you allow to enter nerakamu?
better than the exiled former succumbed to temptation!
Menjomblo better than having feedback again.Unless …. forced!
Better to break up before marriage than after …. pregnant diputusin first!
former busman will kill you makes you stronger!
ex who never fought was the former who had never won!
ex is nerakamu
Still chasing former are unwilling invited feedback?Hahaha …. If so, the same !!
Maintaining bitterness toward the former is the best way towards a mental hospital!
Segalau-galaunya so singles, still more upset see the former courting bencong ama !!
No need to cry over ex-girlfriend while your wallet is full.Except, it took kebawa …
Continue recalled ex-girlfriend is a flurry of people who lack work.
Think that the former is a person who has no need to be remembered again, the former are others.Yes, just someone who once visit to our home, which further if meet again then it will just be an old friend who drink tea together.The former is not a scourge, but not close friends.
Thusfunny words for the formerto choose a word to show to the world that the former is a joke that deserves to be ridiculed in a smart way.I do not mean to insult, but not also intend to continue to remember him with love canal.


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