Words of Wisdom set Funny But Meaningful

SMKN 1 SLAHUNG – Word to the wise is not to be serious because there are times when we should be relaxed by using words wisely so that humorous atmosphere is more relaxed and fluid.Therefore we provide a few examples that you can use to good status update on facebook, twitter, or BBM.So if you want “smart ass” in social media, but because you’re the type of person that is funny, the following are examples of wise words funny and hilarious.
Funny wise words can make people who are sad and heartsick will make others be smiling.Besides funny can also give the impression that is so profound for anyone reading.Nan funny word wise is perfect for you who are in need of motivation to live a life that is always exposed to the problem.
Jokes and laughter of a cute wise words can help you let go sejenah all the problems of life.Ok just below we provide a variety of examples of words that hopefully funny wise to entertain you all.
Dream what you want to dream, be what you want.Because it could be that it is just a dream
The most important thing when looking for a potential husband is finding people with personality.Private cars, private homes and private pools.
Hape sophisticated now, can know the location of the former position, but unfortunately can not delete the memories of former
If someone calls you ugly, then do not despair because it is not necessarily the person is telling a lie.
Failure is success delayed and lies is honesty delayed
Hold back laughter is unhealthy.Laughter will go down and wetting your pants
Look at the sky to see the greatness of God, look at the sea to see the grace of God, and look at the mirror to see the curse of God
The successful man is a guy making a lot of money compared to the amount of money spent istirnya.A successful woman is a woman who can find such a man
Best friend is money, because the money will come best friend
Everyone wants to go to heaven, but many people also do not want to die
Sometimes we choose who we think is good but the result is bad, so conversely choose which seems bad results are good
Money can not buy happiness, but having money would be happier than not have.
Think sebanyak2nya you want, but do not eat as much as you think.
do not make me cry with your departure, please immediately pay off your debts.
If God has not answered your prayers, be patient, and remember not only you who pray.
A sweet life, always have a past.Bitter life, always wanted cepat2 into the future.
When someone tried to stay away from your life, do not leave, before he paid off all his debts.
Problems can make us become adults, it often problematic.
Courtship is the same as parking attendants.nda should forever be “Continue … Continue …” There must have been when he said “Yak stop!”
True friends always shared, if sy sea jd, jd kmu fish, sy jd jd kmu flower beetle, if sy Tarzan jd, jd kmu monkey yesHow?Funny is not it?If you feel crisp come if dare send word to the wise words work funny you right now via comments.The best work will be posted on this blog and you will be rewarded with a reward, because you are already helping yeee admin post the article.


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