Zhang Xin ~ Entrepreneur Young Women, Rich Blessing Property Business In China

SMKN 1 SLAHUNG – When we read the information about the row of the richest people in the world, it would be very much at all we think about starting their wish as to how their story until it reached its position.The interesting thing is, not everyone who entered the list of richest people have a fairly old age, due to the fact that now more and more young people who managed to obtain great wealth.
One of them is a businessman woman named Zhang Xin, who thanks to the perseverance and his efforts succeeded in penetrating the domestic business competition in China by establishing a company #properticalled SOHO China.And in fact, Zhang Xin step to achieve success is not easy.
Although born to a family that is very fit-fit, he succeeded in proving that with hard work anyone can achieve great success.The full story about the founder of SOHO China, Zhang Xin, exaggerated colleagues refer to the article below.
Childhood Zhang Xin
If you look at the current condition, perhaps many thought that Zhang was born from a family that is able and affluent.But apparently not, Zhang was born from a family that is far from wealthy.His mother was a descendant of Myanmar who later moved to Hong Kong for work reasons.
Status as a foreign national is certainly not easy for the mother to get a decent job.You at least his job as an interpreter or translater, was able to feed herself and Zhang.
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Zhang childhood was also spent quite difficult.When he graduated from high school, he had to work before you can enroll in college.He worked at one of the companies in the Beijing area.During his work, he tries to save as much as possible to support a strong desire to continue their education.
Strong Determination To Growing
After Zhang Xin feel quite get the capital to continue #pendidikan, he then tried several options lectures.And lucky, thanks to the diligence and intelligence he had, Zhang received the scholarship program of lectures in English.
The good news can be regarded as the first stepping stone towards success ladder himself.In the land of the Queen elizabeth, he enrolled as a student of English literature.Post-graduated strata, the woman who claimed to love to learn this continuing education at the University of Sussex and Cambridge University for his master’s degree.
With the provision as a graduate of a prestigious university abroad, would not be difficult for Zhang Xin to get a decent job upon his return to the country of China.
Early Career Zhang Xin
True enough when they returned to China, Zhang obtained a position in one of the big bank Barings Bank in Hong Kong.This condition is practically elevating the family economy.Besides, he also had a lot of time that could be spent with family.
Apart from the Barings Bank, Zhang then get a more prestigious job offer in an American investment firm, Goldman Sachs.However, this work requires Zhang to move to another place precisely in New York English.
The work was not too long he lived, because after marriage and feels have sufficient knowledge to develop their own company, with her husband she finally resolved to build his own company named SOHO China.The company is running in the field of development and property development.
With the experience and intelligence of Zhang, in fact capable of making SOHO China has developed very rapidly.After getting the first tender for work on state property in China, the current tender held by the company SOHO has reached 5.5 million hectares across the bamboo curtain.
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With his success, the name Zhang Xin tucked into one of the richest people in China.In fact, he became the youngest to have been sent into the members of Young Global Leader at the World Economic Forum.
What has been undertaken by Zhang Xin will be proof that such conditions do not preclude any person’s success.Most important is the effort and also the confidence to be able to achieve such success someday.How about you, are you prepared into Zhang’s next?


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