Vice President JK Agree Cigarette Prices Up

SMKN 1 SLAHUNG – Vice President Jusuf Kalla agree if cigarette prices rise until it reaches Rp50 thousand per pack.Kalla assess that cigarettes are dangerous because it can damage health, it can even causing death.
He called the rise in prices of cigarettes will be able to decrease the distribution of cigarettes, including among children to school.
“So that’s one way is to increase the excise duty. If the excise enlarged, then the price goes up, or raised the price,” said Kalla at the Vice President’s Office, Monday, August 22, 2016.
Related fears that some parties that the price increase will lead to decline tobacco industry, Kalla denied.He believes the price increase will not affect the tobacco industry.
“On the other hand the government may also fall sales, but government revenues have also risen. On the other hand the community to reduce or stop smoking. Kan that’s nice,” he said.
Fadli Zon: Do Originally Raise Cigarette Prices
Kalla also mentioned that the price increase will not hurt tobacco farmers.Because 40 percent of tobacco circulating in Indonesia is imported.
Meanwhile, the discourse of these price increases, Kalla called the government still conduct an assessment of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control or the Framework Convention in Tobacco Control (FCTC).
“Do not know yet, we check out the schedule yet. But indeed the government has talked several times to adapt the accession FCTC (Framework Convention in Tobacco Control),” he said.


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