PNS Ministry of Religious Affairs was caught in Massage

SMKN 1 SLAHUNG – One civil servant at the Ministry of Religious Affairs in North Maluku province, netted Praja Police Unit Pamung city of Ternate, in one of the massage, Tuesday, August 23, 2016.
PNS named Hi Jamal Hatahafa that the raid were in one room salon and spa Aprilia.
When officers were checking identification cards Aprilia workers, they ask whether there is a guest in the room provided.One employee explained the male guest in her room.
Once out, the clerk asked the civil servants demonstrating identity.From there the clerk know Jamal was Treasurer of the Ministry of Religious Staff of North Maluku province.On the sidelines of the inspection, Jamal also asked the media not to take her picture.
“Ngoni(reporters) do any pictures, I am here does not mean anything, I just stop at this place for all to massage tired. I also have not had time to open shirt, the officer has come,” said Jamal.
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After review, the officer let go of Jamal and asked him to return to work, is still office hours activity.After that, the municipal police continued raids judicial to the north of Ternate city.
“Oprasi is related to female genital mutilation regulating massage parlors in Ternate, for civil servants who netted earlier we still need to do an internal meeting to discuss the handling of the operation earlier. But the point is that even a massage parlor in Ternate there providing venture massage plus-plus, we will revoke their business licenses and perform actions on those entering the massage parlors, “explains Head of Civil Service Police Unit of Ternate, Fandi Tumina, at the location.(Ase)


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