Although Win, U-19 Still Many Problems

SMKN 1 SLAHUNG – Indonesia U-19 national team victory in a test match, counter Persikama Malang.Playing in the Gemilang Stadium, Magelang, Drajad Dimas and his colleagues won 4-0, Wednesday, August 24, 2016 GMT.
Young eagles victory thanks to goals scored Dimas Drajad (43), Nevy Alexander (56), Saddil Ramdani (59), and penalty Alwi Slamat (78).Although it won a landslide victory, the Indonesian national team coach of U-19, Eduard Tjong, still not satisfied with the performance of his troops.
In the view of the man who is familiarly called Coach Edu, the players are still not optimal in some aspects.In technical terms, Coach Edu still see problems in passing that they often no maximum and thefinishing touch.
Coach Edu also highlighted about the mentality for some players who are still lacking.It is still a chore for the former architect of PS TNI ahead of departure to Vietnam.
“The problem is still quite a lot. Technically passing is often missed. We also actually have a lot of chances, a lot. But I think still lacking. But in the second half on the rise. Slow Pelang children can improve passing and finishing also began the road . There are three goals that can be made in the second half, “Edu said when contacted, Wednesday, August 24, 2016 evening hrs.
Trial Opponent PSIM, Target U-19
According to Coach Edu, the players should get their share of individual exercise more, especially for the forwards.According to him, with a fairly mature age, these players should have mastered the technique of shots on goal that qualified.
“It should be, there should be training people about improving passing and shooting, especially for the front players. Should they have mastered the techniques to shoot. Cooking yes, at this age they still have to be taught how to shoot,” he said.
Indonesia U-19 national team next return will play a test match, counter PSIM Yogyakarta, Friday, August 26, 2016. According to Coach Edu, PSIM is a team whose quality is a notch above its forces.PSIM is considered the team to the senior level, and heavier than Persikama.
“Yes, obviously PSIM more weight. They’re a senior, so being one level above us. Opponent PSIM we will see again how the development of children. What is clear, PSIM would be a strong opponent for us,” said Coach Edu.


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