DPR Challenge Shootout Minister Problem Operator Interconnection Rates

SMKN 1 SLAHUNG – Minister of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) Rudiantara stalked by commission of the House of Representatives about the determination of interconnection charges assessed not transparent.
In a MCIT Working Meeting with Representatives Commission I at the Nusantara I Building Session of the Parliament, Wednesday, August 24, 2016, almost every member to ask about policies Rudiantara about the decline in interconnection fees by 26 percent.Interconnection charges become Rp204 per minute from its original Rp250 per minute
“In Ternate paid in Bekasi tariffs should be the same, but the government has set the rate and it varies inversely with the law,” said Budi Youyastri of the PAN faction.
Similar tone was spoken by Evita Nurhanty from the PDIP.He said, based on the inputs the information it receives, Rudiantara rated determining impairment charges do not involve interconnection with mobile operators.
Kominfo: Interconnection to Push Expands Network Operator
“From the feedback I received, Mr. Minister does not involve the operator to determine the cost of interconnection, not involving industry players, so it is not transparent and are considered detrimental to the operator but benefit some operators,” he said.
Meanwhile, Effendi Simbolon from the PDIP claimed polemic issue of interconnection fees should be resolved in the industry, so it does not need to be discussed with the commission of the House of Representatives.
“Call all (operator) alone, we are fighting there are pros and cons, let the ministers who sit on. Instead we were pitted. Problem hostage course abroad has not been called ministers. It is a problem of interconnection to call the minister,” he stated ,
In a MCIT Working Meeting with Representatives Commission I this time involves only wrapped up in January and colleagues in the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.That meeting did not involve the mobile operator concerned.


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