‘OC Kaligis’ Sales in East Java High Court Diner

SMKN 1 SLAHUNG – At first glance many doubt if Abidin (52), a trader at the AGO canteen East Java.Understandably, with white hair, looks Abidin has similarities with a famous lawyer OC Kaligis.
Yes, Oto Cornelis Kaligis, a senior lawyer who now stumble bribery case against the three judges in the Administrative Court Medan North Sumatra raids thanks to the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK).
Daily, indeed Abidin canteen manager in Surabaya East Java High Court complex.Together with his wife, Mrs. Udin (52), Abidin sell in the cafeteria of East Java High Court since 12 years ago.At that time the Head of East Java High Court held by Rahardjo.
In the eyes of prosecutors and journalists, Abidin and Mrs. Udin is already familiar.In the cafeteria, Abidin charge of purchasing raw materials, while Mrs. Udin cooking.Abidin was originally known as the father of East Java High Court canteen only.However, when the case OC Kaligiscrowded reported in the media, he was the norm.Many prosecutors subscription in East Java High Court referred to it as’ kembaran’nya OC Kaligis.
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Yes, Abidin face shape is similar to the shape of the face of OC Kaligis.Her hair was bleached plus glasses make it like a nut halved with OC Kaligis.”My long see-saw, Mr. Abidin like a famous person,” said Romy Arizyanto East Java High Court prosecutor, told VIVA.co.id,Wednesday, August 24, 2016.
Joko Suyanto, the staff of Information Law Attorney East Java, also mentioned similar Abidin OC Kaligis.In fact, when the canteen he often jokingly call by dialing Abidin Pak OC.”Where Mr. OC Kaligis,” said Suyanto time to the cafeteria.
Abidin just smiles only when called like OC Kaligis.In fact, he laughed when shown a photo of himself coupled with OC KaligismakeWhatsAppgroup crowded neighborhood of East Java High Court.”What nonsense,” said Abidin.Curious how, exactly?See photos below.


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