Google Loon stumbling block in Indonesia

SMKN 1 SLAHUNG – It’s been almost a year since Google signed a memorandum of understanding with three Indonesian mobile operator for testing Project Loon.But until now there has been no continuation of Google’s internet projects balloons.
IT Network & Solution Director Abdus Somad Telkom Arief said that the Project Loon is still being held up by the government.There are two things that become the focus of discussion.
The first matter of sovereignty.There are fears that others or foreigners in the sky Indonesia, some important information can be stolen by them.
“We like being stripped naked, because already caught all the same of them. So the government conduct a review carefully,” said the man who often called Asa when met after attending a public discussion Strategy Building Telecommunications Infrastructure for Equitable Development and Progress of State in the Multimedia Room of the University of Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta.
The second thing is the technical aspect.While this is still discussed the operation of the Project Loon territorial division in the country.As is known, in testing, Google is working with the three mobile operators, Telkomsel, XL Axiata and Indosat Ooredoo.
When asked if Project Loon failed to fly, Asa said it did not matter.For as long as we build a terrestrial on land and at sea.Technically capacity, it will not be rivaled by that is in the air.
“The capacity of the air is limited. There can compete on land,” said Asa.
In the same place, Secretary General of the Center for Policy Studies and the Telecommunications Regulatory ITB M. Ridwan Effendi firmly say true Indonesia does not require internet bubble Google.Therefore, Indonesian children are able to create the same technology.
“Operators should work with the nation itself. So the research funds flow in the country,” he said.
For cooperation known to fly balloons Google has agreed Telkomsel, Indosat and XL Axiata while visiting the Google headquarters, and then the end of November 2015.Google balloon it plans to deploy 4G signal over the air in the 900 MHz spectrum.
Google’s balloon will be flying and moving around Indonesia over a height of 20 kilometers by 40 kilometers radius beam.The signal is delivered is a cellular signal to the base station 4G LTE made by Google themselves.
The balloon can fly for 150 days in space.Before the balloon was deflated, Google will steer the balloon landing site in vacant land and not at sea, so that the transmitter radio device can be retrieved and used again.
Radio transmitters were attached to the balloon provided by Google, which has been specially designed to be water resistant to strong winds.Meanwhile, the radio on the balloon stays connected to the transmitter tower on land belonging to the mobile operator.
In a note, Google itself calculates Indonesia needs about 6,000 balloons if you want the entire archipelago area gets signals from a hot air balloon.But that will not be tested much.
Minister of Communications and Information Rudiantara ensure Project Loon will be airing in 2016.He claimed just encountered the X which is the company that runs Google’s internet projects balloons.
As is known, Project Loon balloon internet or Google a technological innovation incurred by Google X. However, the company is now named X lived alone.
“Just people who ngurus Loon X had met me. They want to update to our terms of security, and they have communication with the TNI headquarters,” said the minister who is familiarly called the RA Chief.
Rudiantara continue, then Google X also have to take care of air traffic permits to the Ministry of Transportation, as a condition prior to the Google internet bubble can be aired in the archipelago.
However, because of the time, changes occurred in puncuk Minister of Transportation of Ignatius Jonan to Budi Karya Sumadi, the permission of these institutions so choked.
“Before the change of ministers, they are already (started to manage licensing), but because the new minister again, later updated again,” said Chief of RA.