5 Facts About Google Surprising Covert

SMKN 1 SLAHUNG – 5 Facts About Google Surprising Covert – Who is not familiar with Google, US multinational that berkekhususan on services and Internet products.Those products include search technology, web computing, software, and online advertising.
But did you know some unique facts about Google follows, the following facts may aka impress you even wonder, then what are the fata, see review below Tricks.
1. Google Employing goats
True, you’re not misreading.Google employs 2000 goats to make sure the pages are clean of grass that is quite disturbing, Google prefers natural way than to use a mower that cause pollution.
2. Google employs a camel
You certainly know about google street if in Indonesia and several other states to use the car to get a street view, but for a place like Arabic and other desert camel google using them as tools.
3. Finding the castle is lost after 20 years
A Dutch Archaeologists find the castle missing only with the help of google map, they have stopped looking after the castle was 20 years ago.That is one example of the many aid google map.
4. Google calculate the speed through the android
Google calculates whether in the street while it is occurring congestion or not to keep track of whether the android when it moves fast or slow in the streets.You may not think that google to see when it is a real-time accurate with the help of some android phones.
5. Google has more than 450 thousands of servers scattered around the world.
Google is one of the Internet companies that have the largest number of servers scattered around the world, there are currently more than 450 thousand google servers that exist in every country around the world.
Not surprisingly, it turns out there are a lot of unique and strange facts owned google that probably every day we used it.


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