How to Find a Qualified Backlink Easily and Quickly

SMKN 1 SLAHUNG – How to Find a Qualified Backlink- Backlink Quality Role in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very important, Mechanical Link building or link building is one Offpage SEO techniques that should not be left behind.

Quality backlinks will make your site easily be in the top search engines, then how do I find quality backlinks easy and safe way?

Before Discusses How to Find a Qualified Backlink,I will first explain about the notion of quality backlinks itself.

What Is a Qualified Backlink?
Quality backlinks is a connecting link between quality sites with the target site.This link can be actively continue the process of the search engines crawl (DoFollow), which is directed towards the target site.

Besides that way, Backlink Quality can also be obtained by using nofollow, which occurred Relationships between sites but the crawl or crawling is not forwarded.So nofollow link is also a backlink.

Search engines like google strongly recommend that many dofollow or nofollow links leading to a site must be balanced, do not just look for a DoFollow backlink, but try to have two types of backlinks pointing to your site.

I think it’s a brief explanation of what quality backlinks is enough, here I will give a few tips on how to find quality backlinks is easy and simple, of course, this trick has my own practice, and as a result many of the articles I thank God that survive in pageone google

How to Find a Qualified Backlink?

Here I will explain how to find backlinks by engineering footprint, a tool that I use is dropmylink.Please go to the site then please login or register first to get a username and password to login.

After logging in, you will be faced with dropmylink view as seen in the picture above.

Information :
*.(1) Range of time that can be used, for example you want to plant backlinks on the website that the article created in the past year then you should choose Past year etc.

*.(2) The number of websites that can be planted backlink

*.(3) Domain website backlinks that can be planted, there are 3 options, .edu, .gov and Any TLD, I recommend selecting .edu and .gov

*.(4) Put the keyword, so for example, your blog talks about health, then just typing in health, health, food, medicine, etc. in the box, so websites that appear relevant to your article.

*.(5) Category, in its unbiased method of obtaining backlinks we want, either through Comment, Forum, etc., that I personally often use Backlink Comment

*.(6) It is kind of footprint that is in use, can be adjusted alone and simply experiment with the available footprint.

Not easy enough, after planting backlinks on the website are available, then do pinging on the website so that we planted backlinks indexed by search engines.

And most importantly do not build links to excess, somequality backlinksalone is enough to boost our website in SERP position if we had done Onpage SEO.


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