A Professor Replace ‘Sensor Boredom’ in Class

SMKN 1 SLAHUNG – Not wanting his students to experience boredom when the lecture, the professor makes interesting findings.A device to detect boredom tilled students.
Wei is Xiaoyong did.Professors have realized over time teaching can make students experiencing long.And instead understandable, the material provided could even drift away when it happened.
Do not want that, this man was making detection device boredom.Xiaoyong rely on facial recognition technology to enable it.The way it works is simple, facial recognition is installed in the classroom would be watching the facial expressions of the students during the lesson.
When students highlighted his expression of boredom, the tool will provide notification to the professor Xiaoyong.With so professor who teaches at a university in China is able to know when the students begin to saturate, which fear leads to a lack of interest in learning.
Unfortunately there is no information about what the parameters that can be recognized facial recognition it so that it can determine the expression of student boredom.But whatever it is what is done Xiaoyong seemed to work, and he plans to divide its findings to the other universities.
Although considered quite successful, there is no guarantee what is captured accurately Xiaoyong homemade facial recognition.Because it can be highlighted his students feel uncomfortable and ultimately an expression that is considered boredom by these tools.
On the other hand, external factors can also affect the expression of someone.So that it can give the wrong result for facial recognition Xiaoyong.


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