Bird lovers suddenly so senile? Because maybe this Rare Infection

SMKN 1 SLAHUNG – parrot or something much favored as pets because of their versatility or imitating the sound of human speech.But be careful with the flu parrots.
Flu parrots commonly found in pet birds such as parrots or cockatoos, but not in humans.But recently a bird lovers in the UK serious infection such as pets.
The man who is known only to 61-year-old had to be rushed to the hospital.According to doctors who treated him, this man claimed to have been unwell since a week before going to the hospital.Symptoms glance like the common cold, interspersed with fever and shortness of breath.
But there is a strange phenomenon which he offers.Patients admitted several times experienced episodes of dementia.Though he is not usually so.Physicians then perform a series of tests on this guy.Until finally admitted as a patient bird lovers, and recently two pet bird died.It was not until doctors found a bright spot, and then diagnosed with psittacosis or parrot flu.
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Psittacosis is not a condition commonly found in humans, so normal that sound familiar.At least be aware that this is a type of pneumonia or inflammation of the lungs caused by the bacterium Chlamydia psittaci, which is lethal to birds.
Besides parrots, other types can also be stricken with this condition, including parakeets, macaws, turkeys and ducks.No wonder that this man an opportunity to flu parrot is also greater because not only does it collect parrots, but also various types of other birds such as canaries, finches Bengal, diamond doves, until chicken.Similarly, as reportedby LiveScience.
According to the Centers for Disease and Prevention, people can get the flu this parrot when inhaling particles of body fluids that are sick bird flu parrots or of dust stuck to the fur.Sure enough, when the doctor examines the patient pet birds, they also found the bacteria Chlamydia psitacci in blood and sputum (a mix of saliva and mucus) of these birds.
In addition to the symptoms of flu in general, other symptoms seen in human flu parrot is slowing heart rate, rash, and even lead to neurological disorders such as severe headaches and “photophobia ‘or overly sensitive to light.
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Fortunately, after being given antibiotics, the patient recovered, despite a sore knee a few weeks later.The doctor said the knee pain common flu patient found in a parrot as a form of body’s response to these conditions.
Yet in general, flu parrots on humans are very rare, only about 50 cases for each year in the UK.In the US alone is only less than 10 cases per year.


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