Impact of Parents Too Often Say ‘Do, Later Dirty’ in Children

SMKN 1 SLAHUNG – ‘Do not, later dirty.’Sentences such bans do not often spoken in children.Because the impact of children may be ‘jijikan’ alias afraid dirty.
Though the world is the world of children playing, especially for children under five, they’re in the middle explore.Well, one consequence is susceptible to dirt.If the child ‘restrained’ with the warning ‘alert’ dirty ‘can make children afraid to explore.
“Parents always say ‘do it later dirty’, or ‘do not ride-up, will fall,’ when all that experience is an important experience,” said child psychologist, Najeela Shihab, in a conversation withdetikHealth.
By exploring the many children face challenges and seek solutions.By conquering the challenges the children will have sensory maturity.Impacts related to the child’s ability to read and write, concentrate or focus, it will be easier.
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“For kids that can occasion considerable exploration actually senses can be optimized including sensory abilities,” he continued.
Conversely, children who are not mature sensory capability often have academic problems.
Then when the children need sensory therapy?According to the woman who was familiarly called Ela, there needs to be a test beforehand.Furthermore, the therapist will provide sensory integration therapy.But keep in mind, not a stand-alone sensory problems, which can require the intervention of other parties.
“So if asa academic problems, pelu help from academic, or help parents if there is a problem of parenting. So it must be integrative let me not have to one side of it,” said Ela.
Ela added if the tests show no sensory issues, so that children become under-sensitive or over-sensitive, it will be given a variety of exercises depending on the problem.”For example, if there is a question of balance, was training with a trampoline. Its as simple as that. If sensory, then given different types of touch,” he continued.


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