No Need Tested, iPhone and others Is Not Easy Sign

SMKN 1 SLAHUNG – the latest iPhone or smartphone vendor globally renowned brand is okay will not need to go through the process of lab testing in Indonesia.But that does not mean they will be easy to get away with it.
This was confirmed by I Gusti Putu Suryawirawan, Director General of Metal, Machinery, Transportation Equipment, and Electronic Industry Ministry.According to him, iPhone and others does not necessarily fit directly into Indonesia after the global launch.
“Yesbaseball lah,they (Apple, Samsung et al) must still follow the provisions of DCL Mobile according to Minister No. 65/2016,” Director General Putu todetikINET,Tuesday (13/09/2016).
That means, if the iPhone and others want to enter Indonesia, just a bureaucratic process lab test on the device certification are trimmed.Moreover, the latest 4G phones still must follow the requirements of 30% local content.
As is known, the calculation of investment in order to meet the Domestic Component Level (DCL) for 4G phones will be sold in Indonesia have been completed by the Ministry of Industry (Ministry of Industry) once inaugurated.
Procedures regarding written to the Minister Perindustiran (Permenperin) No. 65 of 2016 on Provisions and Procedures for Value Calculation of Domestic Component Products Cell Phones, Handheld Computers (Handheld), and Computer Tablet.
In his explanation Putu also said that all mobile phone seller in the country already know the procedures that exist in the ministerial regulation, because they were directly involved during the design draft.Now the vendor live determines which scheme is very appropriate to the conditions and circumstances.
DCL rules are for phones with 4G LTE technology before an agreement between the Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Commerce and Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.Based on the regulation of the mobile phone seller who wanted to sell their devices in Indonesia should qualify DCL 30% on January 1, 2017.
“In Permenperin No. 65/2016 no investment scheme that can be followed Apple and others,” said Putu.
Then Putu also confirmed that in the case of this certification process, it also has been informed of the MCIT wrapped up in January.”He never talked about it with me,” he said.
But on the technical execution, he thinks it is the authority of Communication and Information Technology.Especially if linked to fears of a manufacturing defect that could cause accidents.For example as in the caseof recallSamsung Galaxy Note 7.
“Sorry, we only deal with DCL alone. While the test equipment made and Informatics,” said Director General Putu insisted.


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