3 Ways to Utilize Unique Field Marketing Pokemon Go For Your Business

SMKN 1 SLAHUNG – With the number of downloads more than 75 million times in less than 3 weeks, Pokémon Go mobile game that can certainly be a recent phenomenon in the digital industry.How not unusually large numbers are predicted to continue to grow, even when most people assessed that the game will start to lose players if no updates or the latest update issued by the developer.
Because in fact, Niatic as developer game developer #Pokemon Gohas confirmed that the game will soon receive an update in terms of features, gameplay and various other trinkets which would further add to the excitement of the game play.Seeing this optimism then many business people who see it as a farm Go Pokémon potential business marketing.
The problem is, not all business owners know exactly how to use the game to boost their business marketing efforts.Some may terfikir conventional means such as selling an item or other products, but most are already familiar with how the game Pokemon Go is run, it is not possible to take advantage of this game better.
And here, three simple ideas in utilizing game Pokemon Go for business marketing purposes.
1. Take advantage of the existence of Poke Stop
For those who have never been or even love to play #gamePokemon Go, certainly knows a feature named poke stop.Poke stop is a digital feature that makes a place marked as a special place where players can earn points Pokemon Go if visiting the place.This place could be anywhere, but generally poke stop more are in a special place like a statue, monument, gate, or other symbolic places.
Well then how to use the poke stop marketing to boost our business?The most simple way by opening the sale of products in the area of ​​the stop poke.For example if we sell food, we could create a mini outlets and certainly can bring additional benefits to our business.Or more unique, we could be selling various trinkets Pokemon Go and the need to play the mobile game.
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2. Combine With Event
Because the game Pokemon Go is very popular, there are certainly a great opportunity if we could creatively collaborate with the organization of an event with the game.Later during the event, especially the millennial generation alias followed by the younger generation, we can add a specific agenda to play Pokemon Go together.We can imagine the excitement that will appear when the event was held and no hunting Pokemon is “congregation” in there.
With the existence of such an activity, believed to improve your business relationship with young consumers, when the event was held businesses.In it later, we can also sell a variety of ways is similar to the first point.Just how we package the event that served as a fun and different from the others.
3. Booster Reputation In The Eyes of Young Consumers
As mentioned earlier, the game Pokemon Go is favored by the majority of the younger generation.By doing so, enter this mobile game brings to our business will certainly be another factor to boost the reputation of the business in the eyes of young consumers.
It is true that the effect obtained is not straightforward.But by building a connection between your business with what is favored by young consumers, then it will gradually established a strong attachment in the long term.
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The reason why the Pokémon go very right to attract young consumers are the first to be able to build together activities, in addition to playing the game Individual.On the other hand, this adventure-based game also requires players to be fond of traveling is exploring new spots that may have never visited.And these traits well suited to describe the young consumers.
Based on the 3 tips above, we can develop more #strategi marketingother in utilizing game Pokemon Go euphoria.And not just this game, maybe in the near future will appear other similar games, and also no less potentially be used as a marketing medium businesses.So do not stop to explore in the business!


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