4 Signs You Are Saturated Blogging, Are you experienced?

SMKN 1 SLAHUNG – Blogging or running a blogging activity is becoming a trend favored by many Indonesian people.With a variety of motives and objectives, the bloggers (call for the perpetrators of blogging) run this blog management activities diligently.Even so serious, the blogger is not uncommon to forget time and other important agendas.
But bloggers also a human being, of course, at a certain moment will experience saturated conditions, whatever they are pleased at this blogging activity.Boredom can be caused by a range long enough to be in front of the screen, or because it was too long doing the same activities.
Knowing the importance of sign Saturated Ngeblog
Well, when a blogger is already saturated with blogging activity, then they should stop for a while to rest or conduct refresher (refreshing).Unfortunately, not all bloggers realized he was bored and eventually continue to force myself to blog.
When blogger forced myself to continue blogging in a saturated condition, then this will have an impact on the quality of writing is declining.And if the quality of writing down then very likely decrease the number of visitors or visitors blog gradually.For this reason it is highly recommended to the blogger actually already experiencing burnout when blogging in order to rest for a moment or refreshing.This is done so that the mind and body back fresh and vigorous again.
But any sign that the blogger in a state of saturation?The following signs.
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1. Experiencing Impasse Idea
The first sign that the blogger in saturated conditions are deadlocked idea.After a few days to write an article for a blog can be a sudden blogger deadlock ideas for writing articles.Well, when you experience this, then maybe you are actually in a state of saturation.It does not mean the idea impasse caused entirely by the saturation factor alone.Because searching for ideas for blog posts itself is not an easy task.
Often though we’ve been refreshing break and we also have not been able to find ideas for blog posts.However, in the case of writer’s block does not mean necessarily signs of saturation of this blog can be ignored.Because when bloggers are saturated, then they generally will be very difficult to get the idea of ​​writing for his blog article.
2. Very Frequent Writing Typo
Next, a sign that the real bloggers are in a state of saturation blogging is often he misspelled (typo).Indeed, when writing articles we sometimes can not escape from the name typo.Write using the keyboard can indeed be just and reasonable if there is a typo, but what if then writing errors often occur in one article?Of course it is not fair anymore.Yes, if there are many typing errors, then usually this happens for a reason that one of them is because of boredom.
Yes, when the mind is saturated with blogging activities generally decreased concentration blogger writing and also be less attention to words typed her.As a result, writing in the form of words and sentences seen many errors.For example, when you want to type the word “Success” instead of typing “suskes” many times.
3. Difficulties In Stringing Words
You find it difficult to string word by word into a sentence?Vigilant, it could be you’re exposed to saturation in blogging.Thoughts are saturated in any activity including blogging can lead us the trouble of doing an activity, including stringing words.
However, how much time stringing words could be said that the blogger is being saturated?Of course it is returned to the respective blogger.Bottom line if you are writing an article is much longer than the usual then it can already be used as a sign that you’re in a state of saturation blogging.Immediately stop writing, refresh the mind by way of refreshing to do something else that you like.
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4. Can Concentration In Writing
Lastly, a sign that a blogger actually already in a state of saturation blogging is difficult to focus or when he can not concentrate on writing.When you experience this then you should not force yourself to continue to create content because the result will not be good.
Try to understand yourself and do an analysis of the quality of content when you’re writing articles.The better your concentration skills with the support environment without interference, then the better the condition of your mind so that they can produce quality content.Conversely, the more distractions that come to you when writing content for your blog, then it can make you more immersed in a state of saturation and stress.
So how, if you currently need refreshing?


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