Life Destroyed Because Of A Facebook posting, Men’s Get Indemnity 1.5 billion!

SMKN 1 SLAHUNG – We all know that the presence of social media services are many benefits that can be obtained by users.But that must be understood is, on the other hand social media can also be a destructive medium when its one utilizing the online platform.
There have been many cases that occur from the misuse of the account #media social.Some of them may only cause problems that are not too deep and can be resolved amicably.But not a few cases of misuse of social media that led to a trial in court.And was predictable, in the end those who abuse will be sanctioned or material penalties in an amount not less.
One of them came from countries Australia, recently revealed a case of abuse of social media that befell an Australian citizen named Kenneth Rothe.The man who is a businessman of the hotel, to be inferred by the loss of business and even accusations and defamation.All of these things he was experiencing because of a trivial thing, namely a posting on social media Facebook.
Early Kenneth cases Rothe
Kenneth Rothe actually have a life that could be considered not problematic.He carries on business in the field of hospitality since a dozen years ago.Kenneth Rothe has two hotels named Nirvana Village and Blue Dolphin Motels is located in the Coastal Town of Nambucca, Australia.
Until the day Kenneth called in a hearing by the local prosecutor on suspicion of prostitution, precisely organized place (in this case his hotel) for the criminals pedophiles.As a result of these cases, an existing business for a dozen years he ran slowly decline was even almost closed.
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Not only in material damages, Kenneth also often get a mental attack in the form of ridicule and threats from many people related to the case.Sadly, the mental attack is not only directed at Kenneth, but also on their families who would not know anything about the problems being faced by the head of the family.
Allegations Based Facebook Status
The accusations directed against Kenneth Rothe to ride to the green table constituted certainly not without complaint.Precisely in March 2014, an electrical officer named David Scott posted a status on social media #Facebookwhose contents are indirectly accused Kenneth Rothe held a pedophile prostitution in his hotel.In such status, written also appeal to parents to be more careful when children are playing in the second or the hotel.
At a hearing that was held to address the issue, Kenneth explained that the hotel he managed to bring the customer is often the family or children for a special occasion.But he refused firmly if the place of business is used for acts of sexual crimes.
He also explained how the effects of the Facebook status on the financial condition and their families.He would often get phone calls from unknown people that contain threats or expletives that he stop his hotel business.
Even as intense mental attack he experienced, Kenneth had to stay in hospital for six months.Not only him personally, Kenneth family also had to endure the effects of these charges.Kenneth family eventually moved to another area away from the area Coastal Village.
As a result of irresponsible actions, Scott finally sentenced by a court and had to pay fines to Kenneth Rothe.Total amount of fines to be paid is also quite large, reaching $ 115,000 or equivalent to Rp 1.5 billion.
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For all colleagues can certainly take a very important lesson about how to leverage social media services wisely and appropriately.Although there is freedom in expressing opinions in public, but still there are regulatory restrictions should not be violated.
Perhaps the money of 1.5 billion sounds very much.However, to replace non-material losses suffered by the victim, these figures may not always be enough.So always be smart and be Save!


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