This is a Unique Experience The Master, Nick Johnson Conquer Game Pokemon Go

SMKN 1 SLAHUNG – Speaking of mobile game Pokemon Go on the rise at the moment, certainly a lot of people are very enthusiastic about discussing it.And when talking about players Pokemon Go, name Nick Johnson certainly can not be separated.The reason is Nick Johnson was the first person in America who managed to capture the entire Pokemon that can be captured in a series #Pokemon Gothe number 142 Pokemon.
Master Pokemon Go nickname as any bersemat on the shoulders of this one man.Many people who called himself a maniac game, but did not like also appreciate his efforts to finish this one game series.And for 2 weeks Pokemon hunt in the American region and surrounding areas, there are a few unique experiences I’ve ever experienced by Nick Johnson.
Earlier trips Nick Johnson
When #gamePokemon Go was released in the United States this summer, Pokemon Go direct the world’s attention is evidenced by the amount of enthusiasm smartphone users who want to try this game.Likewise, a man named Nick Johnson who lived in the Brooklyn area of ​​the United States.
He who has the experience of watching the animated series Pokemon childhood, so feel challenged to try the game.Reasons such as these may also be experienced by many Pokemon Go players worldwide.They feel nostalgic experience by capturing and collecting various types of Pokemon is unique and attractive.
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But those expectations may be perceived very differently by Nick.Even in the beginning, he already has a target on how to collect all the Pokemon available, particularly in the United States and become a Pokemon expert Go first.
Be Nick began his journey to hunt Pokemon.At that time, he who is the head of a startup, Applico, said he did not have much free time to completing the game.So after work at around 06.00 pm, Nick spent several hours the rest of the time in 2 weeks to catch Pokemon.Every night, even Nick a distance of no less than 8 miles surrounding area of ​​Manhattan and Brooklyn.
Accused of Deceiving
After 2 weeks of playing the game Pokemon Go, Nick immediately publish the results of achievement catch all the Pokémon through social networking accounts reedit.But apparently the incoming comments to him just outside expectations.Many people who accuse Nick of lying and deceiving have been getting all the Pokemon in your Pokedex.
But because it has clear proof, and he had not acted outside the rules such as using cheat or so, finally achievement Nick began widely recognized by others.Whether fellow players Pokemon Go, awards were also given by Niantic as a game developer Pokemon Go.Even as it has managed to become the first player Pokemon Go capable of catching all the Pokemon available in the United States, he was given the nickname as a master Pokemon Go.A dream come true for Nick!
Experiencing Some Unique Experience
In achieving this into a master #Pokemon Go, it turns out there are some unique experiences endured by Nick Johnson.The first is, the first Pokémon chosen by Nick is a water turtle Squirtle.Uniquely, Squirtle election because he did not know if he could choose some other Pokemon like Charmander or Bulbasaur.Especially at this time, he joined the red team alias Valor which is a group of pokemon fire.
The next fact that, last pokemon caught by Nick to complete his collection is Omastar.Again unique events occur, because Nick could actually collect all the Pokemon less than two weeks because he had found a wild Omastar day before he found another wild Omastar to the next morning.The reason is that, when he found Omastar, the sudden death of internet data packets for 15 minutes.If not dead, maybe the record time achieved by Nick could do much better.
No less interesting, the last captured Pokémon Nick namely Porygon also leaving a unique experience.To get it, he must order a taxi uber from work to the city of Jersey and around until they finally found the bird-shaped Pokémon.
Regarding the best place to catch Pokemon in the area of ​​New York, Nick suggested two places, Battery Park and Grand Army Plaza, Central Park.In these places a lot of pokemon roam, and there we can also interact with many other players Pokemon Go.
Some tips are given by Nick if you want to become a Pokemon Master, and collect all the Pokemon, the first of which is buy shoes that are comfortable to use walk away.Furthermore, if you want to use real money to purchase items in-games, egg incubators are the most appropriate items for purchase.Target Next
This time Nick Johnson is Having collected all the Pokemon available in the United States, but as we all know, the number of Pokemon in Pokemon game series Go the number 151. This means that there are still some special Pokémon that exist only in another continent.
Therefore, for the Master Pokemon Go journey has not yet ended.He hopes to provide updates Niatic game more challenging, especially for the affairs of the gym and also between Pokemon battle system.The target is, three special Pokemon namely Mr.Mime, Kangaskhan, and Farfetch’d that exist only in Europe, Australia / New Zealand and Asia.
Therefore he was approached for travel companies or #startupagreed to provide support in the form of accommodation, to work together as a sponsor and toured the world in search of Pokemon.Harleys!


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