Children Aged 2 Years Not Want weaned, there Effect of the development?

sman 1 slahung
When a child enters the age of 2 years, usually the weaning process will begin.Not always smoothly, if a child refused and still want to continue breastfeeding, is there any negative effects?
According to Dr. Badriul Hegar, PhD, SpA (K) from Cipto Mangunkusumo, as these recommendations are, when the child is 6 months old he could no longer depend solely on breast milk and must be given complementary foods (solids).This also applies to children aged 2 years and over.
“The age, breast milk is not enough so the sole source of nutrition,” said Dr. Hegar in a media seminar ‘Nutrition for Long Term Health: The Role of Protein’ held at Hotel Atlet Century Park, Jakarta, Wednesday (21/9 / 2016).
Dr. Hegar added, while in the age of 2 years should the child is beginning to slowly weaned.For too long the left stick or ngempeng, children can become familiar and even more difficult to be weaned.
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“And maybe her mother had reduced quantity of breast milk. Breastfeeding so merely ceremonial, he smoked maybe even most of the air. It’s not that good even when full of air,” explained Dr. Hegar.
The problem that often occurs in the weaning process often do not come from the child, but also from the mother.Mother of essentially not bear to ‘split’ with the child, could also hamper the weaning process.
Meanwhile, before Dr. Yovita Ananta, SpA, IBCLC, MHSM, said that the weaning process does not need to rush.If the mother madcap stop the process of feeding, maternal stress of weaning it will last longer and feel like a failure because they continue to breastfeed.When in fact is not always the case.
“No need to rush. The recommendation is to stop feeding when the child was two years old, but that does not mean that when a child really should not breastfeed longer,” said Dr. Yovita when met detikHealth some time ago.


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