It Benefits Emotional Dancing and Singing For Children

sman 1 slahung
Every child generally love to dance and sing.Well, besides the fun turns singing and dancing has many benefits for the child’s emotional.
“Dancing and singing will provide a significant correlation to the emotional maturity,” said child psychologist, Roslina Verauli, M.Psi in a media briefing Bebelac Bebehero ‘Share Love Through Remarkably Dancing’ in Kembang Goela, Jalan Sudirman, Central Jakarta, Thursday (22 / 9/2016).
Vera explained when the dancing and singing, children will learn to control and express emotions.”For example, children sadly left his parents he would sing with hypochondria. But if a child is happy when together with his parents he would express with singing cheerful,” he explained.
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Vera also added, giving praise the child when playing like singing and dancing will be very important.Because it can make children feel competent or able to do anything.
When children feel confident with the competency of the child’s emotions will evolve positively.Children were able to empathize or understand other people’s emotions.
“Children who are emotionally mature in would be able to face the world. In addition, children can also be socially competent by helping others without need of reward. Also understand social norms, which are true and which are false,” said Vera.


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