2 Year Extend boy’s hair to be donated to the Children’s Cancer Patients

smkn 1 slahung
Thomas Moore was deliberately menggondrongkan hair into his hair 10 years it became afro.Not without reason, Thomas deliberately lengthened his hair for two years so that he could donate his hair to one child cancer patient named Kyssi Andrews.
Thomas’s mother, Angilea Pulos said Thomas intention to lengthen the hair began when in 2014, Angilea watch videos Kyssi.At that time, Thomas thought Kissy was a boy because his hair bald.Angilea also explained to his son that balding is experienced Kyssi because the boy had cancer and underwent chemotherapy.
“Thomas looks very sad. And he expressed his intention posthaste want to lengthen the hair and then donated it to the Kissy hair, he’d never met,” said Angilea toldToday.
Meanwhile, Thomas admitted to lengthen the hair into the most right thing he could do.It took 4 hours to trim the hair that has been lengthened Thomas for 2 years.
“It is done. And I feel really proud of myself,” said Thomas.During has long hair, sometimes at school Thomas diisengi friends.For example, there are putting a pencil in her hair or a child who just touched his hair.
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Unfortunately.as quoted from kyssian drewsfoundation.org, peremuan boy who wanted to be the hair was died on June 7, 2015. The family of Thomas nobody knows.However, the family hopes a hair donation from Thomas can be donated to be used as a wig for some children of cancer patients.
In his Facebook page, Socue Soflien Angilea even make photos of his son holding two hair tie that has been cut as a profile photo.”Honey! I’m so proud of him. He was breathing heavily and could be smiling broadly now,” wrote Angilea.
What do Thomas turns to the ears of Kissy family.Kissy’s mother, Marla also convey a sense of pride and appreciation for what Thomas.
“Knowing that my sweet angel, Krissy still an inspiration even if he is not there in this world makes me proud,” Marla wrote on his Facebook page Kyssi Andrews Foundation for Pediatric Cancer.
Well, the picture of Thomas donated hair was uploaded by her aunt, Amber Lynne through his twitter account @storkpatrol.In the photos uploaded on September 11 last, looked a picture of Thomas with his Afro hair and beside her, looks Thomas with short hair and a hair band in the two left and right hand.
“My nephew lengthen her hair for two years to donate to the children of cancer patients,” wrote Lynne accompanied emoticon guy crying.
The photo was retweeted 62 thousand times and got ‘love’ around 120 thousand.


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