Children with Special Needs Can Work in The Cause Cafe

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Some cafes care about persons with disabilities.As The Cause Cafe which employs children with special needs.
The Cause Cafe coffee shop different from others because it employs 15 children with autism and other disabilities as employees.Cafes in Long Island, New York is even provide training for them.
Stacy Wohl, owner of The Cause Cafe initiate this noble initiative was inspired by his personal life.He had a boy and a girl with severe autism.
“Just because they have limitations that does not mean they can not do the things we do,” said Wohl The Cause Cafe which opened last April.
According to people with autism and other disabilities also want to be productive, happy, feel fulfilled, are in the society, and feel good about themselves.
Unfortunately, those who have limited difficult to get a regular job.In 2015, the unemployment rate of people with disabilities reached 10.7%.This amount is two times higher than unemployment among non-disability, call the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the local.
For people with autism, support and opportunities they are getting smaller so the age of 21 years.”It’s called falling off a cliff. At the age of 22 years, there is no such service.”
For Stacy, businesses not only provide jobs for persons with disabilities.But it also aims to prove they can become productive members of society and evolve with the right support.
In this French-themed cafe, persons with disabilities are responsible for managing the table and communicate with customers.While others work in the kitchen to prepare and cook food.
“The main thing is to give persons with disabilities on the job training, ‘pull out’ them from the house, and make it worthwhile,” said Dr.Cheryl Mendelsohn, psychologist and Director of Training Cafes toHuffington Post(22/9).
Mendelsohn cooperate with them in terms of developing their social skills.Also teach operational procedures restaurants.
Meanwhile, many employees feel the impact of major disability in their lives since the work in the cafe.
Cody Stillwagon who has a degree in the culinary field was once given the task of washing dishes.But now she works in the kitchen doing the things he likes.
“To be able to work here and be treated with respect completely changed my life, because I am ready to give up on the dream of my cooking after leaving another restaurant,” said Stullwagon.
According to Wohl, the customer plays an important role in the impact on the lives of employees.”You can go anywhere to get a cup of coffee. But when here and order coffee, you help change people’s lives,” he concluded.
Previous Hugs Cafein Texas also employ persons with Down syndrome.They are employed so that they feel have a purpose in life, and do not feel alienated.
(MSA / odi)


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