If Want to Make Crispy Fried krenyes, Follow These Tips

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Like fried foods?So the results are crisp and savory, there are a few things to note.
Fried is crispy snack that so many people’s favorite.To create your own too easy.Provided that the flour dough formulated correctly and accurately.Consider some of these things.
1. Flour
Combine flour and rice flour so that the dough crispy results.For 100 grams of wheat flour, you can add about 1 tablespoon of rice flour.Make sure the flour is dry and not clotted.If necessary first sifter.
2. Seasoning
In order to taste savory, Dab salt, pepper powder, coriander powder and chicken bouillon powder.Can be added garlic powder or grated so that the aroma and tastes better.
3. Water
Combine flour and seasonings with ice water and stir until blended.Adjust the amount of water to the amount of flour, to form a dough that is sufficiently thickened.
4. Save
Dip chunks of tofu, tempeh or vegetables in the batter one by one.Then fry in hot oil until browned lot.If not used immediately, put it in a sealed container, store in refrigerator.Interested in making fried tofu?You can click hereto see the recipe.


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