These Easy Tricks Crisp Crispy Fried Fish Without a spark, Oil

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Fried fish often explode when fried or messy flesh?You need to follow these tips when frying fish.
Many beginners who are just learning to cook afraid to fry fish.Because fish often bubbling and splashing of hot oil everywhere.
Could be it due to lack of proper treatment.Though fish fry most easily be done.Try just watch these tips.
1. Fish
Sea fish or freshwater fish must be fresh fish.If the fish are starting to rot, so when fried meat will disintegrate or decompose messy and less savory aroma.
Siangi fish, scrape the scales, remove the entrails and gills.Cleaning fish you can do with the help of fishmonger in the market or supermarket fish officer.
Rinse the fish in garlic running water until all blood and feces dissolve.Slice-slice the fish body.If large fish cut into two or three parts.Or sides of the longitudinal side of his body to spread wide.
2. Lime and lemon
To invoke the aroma of fresh fish, after washing stole the fish with lemon juice and lemon.Let stand briefly.
3. Seasoning
To give a savory flavor and reduce the rancid aroma, prepare seasoning fish.Puree garlic, turmeric, coriander and salt.
Marinate the fish with spices and let stand for 30 minutes.This is to allow the flavors to seep and fish aroma better.Drain the fish until completely waterless.
4. Fry
Heat the oil in a wok or saucepan with a sufficient amount, according to the number and size of the fish.Make sure the fish is submerged or ‘swim’ in this oil.
Once the oil is hot enough, put the fish being anhydrous into the hot oil.Leave to infuse hot oil.There needs to be reversed and forth because both sides are already submerged in oil.
If the noise is still too much water the oil will be noisy and splashing.Fry until all the fish was overcooked and dry.Or if it has not heard a splash of water again.Remove and drain.
5. Serve
Serve fish in warm to make it more tasty and crunchy taste.As a complement can be served with sambal sudden, soy sauce and lemon pepper.


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