This suggestion Psychologist For Children Not Shy

smkn 1 slahung
Actually, children are embarrassed when appearing in public is a natural thing.But if kept embarrassed and too shy could certainly hamper the activities and socialization of children.
“Shame it’s character, a child born not directly so shy. But the temperament that makes kids so shy,” said child psychologist, Roslina Verauli, MPsi in a media briefing Bebelac Bebehero ‘Share Love Through Remarkably Dancing’ in Kembang Goela, Jalan Sudirman, Central Jakarta, Thursday (22/09/2016).
Women who familiarly called Vera added a temperament that makes children easy resume shame is closed and anxious.Then how that child is not so shy child?
“It should be the parents of the beginning of giving playing time to the children. Because of playing can make the child feel more confident and have the competency,” said Vera.
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Vera said playing at the age of ‘play years’ highly effective in preventing shyness in children.Because children can learn of potential errors and criticism at the time of play.Besides playing can foster confidence because kids can do something.
Playing the role is one way to foster confidence.For example a child pretending to be a singer, so he will sing in front of others.Or when children play pretend as a teacher, also will make it used to speaking in front of others.
But Vera reminds parents to always accompany and are involved with the child when playing.Because parent involvement can make a child happy and interactions occurred.


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