When Baby Colds, Mother Giving Effective Drugs Through ASI?

smkn 1 slahung
Some parents are reluctant to give the drug to the baby during a cold.As an alternative, the mothers chose to drink the cold medicine, then ‘transfer’ through breast milk (ASI).Effective Are?
According breastfeeding counselors Breastfeeding Association counselor Indonesia (IKMI), Farida Ayu Erikawati, this is a myth.
“That is absolutely not true. Do not get consumed myths, then the health of the child so neglected,” said Farida told detikHealth some time ago.
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He went on, the better the baby was taken to the pediatrician for a given drug dosage accordingly.Drugs given by a pediatrician, of the dose has been adjusted to the circumstances of the baby, including possible side effects.
“The doctor will look for the safest drug, given the function of the baby’s body has not fully developed. If the mother is taking medication dose infant, it will not affect her directly or breastfeeding infants,” said Farida.
But if the conditions are reversed, ie, the mother, who was sick and needed to take medicine, it does not mean all the drug is safe to drink.Mom still had to consult a doctor first and inform that are breastfeeding.
Said Dr. Meta Hanindita, SpA of Hospital Dr Soetomo, in fact very few types of drugs that are not safe for consumption breastfeeding mothers.Still, the doctor who is also the author of ‘Do not Worry To Be A Mommy!’This emphasizes that breastfeeding mothers should consult a physician if taking certain medications.


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