Clash of Dynasty, Local Game Challenger Clash of Clans

SMKN 1 Slahung
Ecosystem increasing local game only.After a number of games that homemade local developers who managed to show off, is now in the midst of the popularity of Clash of Clans challenger appears no less exciting as the Clash of Dynasty.
Game produced by developer named MOGA is a background of the ancient civilization believed to be lost in the ocean known as Atlantis.In the game players can control the various elements in nature, such as fire, wind, ice, and lightning.
“Exploration, adventure, quest, and the battle became one in this game. Players can play hardball, and also fight with other players,” snapping Ferrij Lumoring, Chief Technology Officer MOGA, such as the information receiveddetikINET,Sunday (25/09/2016 ).
To strengthen the combat system gamer, Clash of Dynasty has also implemented the use of the card.Players can increase strength by upgrading cards, each card has a function and the different strategies that can be utilized gamers.
Besides this, the graphics sector as well be the thing that you’ll enjoy this game.Thanks to the use of engine U3D, see Clash of Dynasty claimed to be able to add to the excitement of gamers when playing.
“Gamers can directly feel the real battle. With an amazing visual display in exploring new areas, players will also gain memorable travel experience of the world in this game,” claims Ferrij.
Thanks to the advantages, Ferrij was quite optimistic that the Clash of Dynasty will preferably mobile game lovers in Indonesia.Moreover, based on the fact the research results of Newzoo, who said Indonesia is the largest gaming market in Southeast Asia.
Indonesia has 38 million gamers are expected to spend more than US $ 704.4 million just to buy different items in the game this year alone 20106.In addition, the mobile games segment itself is the greatest potential for income share reaching 57%.
The Clash of Dynasty already can be downloaded in the Android app market PlayStore belongs.Followed later in the iOS AppStore for some time afterwards.


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