Dried fruit to meat with Different Techniques

SMKN 1 Slahung
Not only the herbs can be dried.Fruit until the chicken meat can also be dried using the technique ofvacuum freeze.
Dry raw materials can also be found at the Food Ingredients Asia 2016. One of R & B Food.Thailand Company recently opened a PT RBFood Supply Indonesia which import from the country of origin.
“All products spice us from Thailand. We import various drying system. There is spray dried, freeze dried. It can even be applied to products in Indonesia. There are several companies in Indonesia which we supply for the raw materials,” said Budi Prayitno, Asst.General Manager PT RBFood Supply Indonesia to detikfood (21/09).
For drying with air(air dried),R & B Food offers a selection of vegetables, grains, herbs and spices.Shaped intact, flake, sliced, diced, or powder.It can be tailored to the needs of the buyer.
The options such as broccoli, potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, sesame, sunflower seeds, coriander, holy basil and more.There is also a seasoning mix among other variants Chicken Rotisseries, Montreal Steak, Fajitas and Italian Herb Spices.Dried water techniques are mostly for cooking.
In addition tothe water dried,there are also products withvacuum freezedryingtechniques.
“In thefreeze dried,spray very cold air with a certain temperature. The surplus ofwater driedordinary, such as fruits withfreeze driedthe flavor, texture and aroma can be maintained in the drying process it. So the quality of the outcomes are better,” said Budi ,
He calls the most suitable for thefreeze driedfruits.For example mango, durian, bananas, dragon fruit to mangosteen.These products are generally for a snack.
Not only that, R & B Food also provides a dried meatvacuum freezedryingwear.There are chicken, beef, or shrimp.According to Budi,freeze driedis used for instant noodles.
Whilespray driedalmost the same asfreeze dried.It’s just not used to the cold.Dry products that use spray dried also diverse.Egg yolks, galangal and ginger include the following.
“All the forms so the powder is very small and usually dissolve in water. It is usual forseasoning,”Budi added.
Related product durability, shelf-life of about 6 months.But this is back again on the way storage.
Besides the dry product, R & B Food has primary productfood coatings.As flour fried chicken, tempura,breadcrumb.There is also aflavorandfragrance.
“Currently our market for the industry. For retail maybe next year we will begin,” said Budi.


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