Galaxy Note 2 Found Fuming at In Flight

SMKN 1 Slahung
Since the problem of battery anomalies, institutions Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) agreed banning airline passengers to enable or charging the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 while in flight.However, the problem proved to be caused by other Galaxy devices.
The Galaxy device in question is the Galaxy Note 2. According to the report, the second generation Samsung phablet is found to smoke when you are in the airline IndiGo flights from Singapore to Chennai, India.
The incident began when one of the passengers saw smoke coming from the luggage compartment.Because of suspicion, passengers were eventually reported the incident to the crew on duty.
Once traced, tesebut smoke coming from the Galaxy Note 2, which resides in a small bag.Response to what happened, the officer phablet directly spraying it with a fire extinguisher before inserting the device into a tank containing water.
Although it could cause panic, IndiGo airline in a statement said that everything is safe and the plane landed normally.”The aircraft landed normally in Chennai and all the passengers had been removed with normal procedure,” said the IndiGoquotedfromReuters,Sunday (09/25/2016).
Although the cause of smoke, the airline claimed no flames arising from the Galaxy Note 2.
Heard about the events generated by the device, a spokesman for Samsung finally spoke.”We have contacted the relevant authorities to gather information,” said a spokeswoman.


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