Lovers of cheese, Mandatory Taste the Pain Orange Cheese and Nacho

Cheese to usually have a strong savory flavor.But now there is also a tasty cheese with fruit flavors to nacho.
In the Food Ingredients Asia 2016, can be found a variety of home-made food of various countries.Including the creation of artificial cheese a Japanese company.
Lacto Asia Pte Ltd based in Tokyo has many factories in different countries.One of these divisions cheese factory in Singapore to offer cheese flavored fruit.Present in the formChub, ProcessedFruitsCream CheeseandCream Cheese.
Processed Cream Cheesereferred to slightly acidic taste with a smooth texture.In addition to the original, there are strawberry, orange and lemon, and others.It can be used for bakery products or pancakes.
Fruits Cream Cheeseproduct also has a slightly sour taste of cheese.No additionalcream cheesein dried fruit.Variants including mango, orange and lemon, raisin and more.Can be used on a cake, mooncake, sandwiches, salad and dessert.
Processed Cheeseflavors of mango and orange & lemon in the form of sausage-like chub large size, exhibited in the Food Ingredients Asia 2016. It was savory rather sweet and tasty, Besides, there is a sense strawberry, cranberry, raisin and coconut.Its application is suitable for pastry, dessert, salad, crackers or eaten directly.
Lacto Asia also has the shapeChubProcessedCheese,Cheddar CheeseandProcessedCheese Spread Premiumflavored nachos.Orange cheese has a creamy savory taste slightly spicy.There is also a cheese flavor Chilli colored similar.
“This is the only product in Indonesia. So we do not have competitors, and also new products in Indonesia. There is a halal certification from Singapore,” said Novita Itinio, Marketing Manager Pacific Lacto Jaya, to detikfood (21/09).
In Indonesia alone, the cheese were imported by PT Prambanan Kencana.The company also distributes artificial Natural Cheese Lacto Asia.
Regarding the market, Novita says it is still within the scope of B2B(business-to-business).Such asfood serviceand industry.Not to go into retail.
As for the durability of processed cheese products, the period is about one year.
“Processed cheeselasting one year and must be kept chill. Because this 90 percent real cheese,” concludes Novita.


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