This How To Grab Leveraging Data Science

SMKN 1 Slahung
Data science has an important role in developing a company.It is well recognized by the company ride sharing Grab.
Co-Founder Grab Tan Hooi Ling said the company has utilized the data to improve service.The data is taken from the Grab application on smartphone customers and drivers.
“The data taken is not currently enabled, but when passengers book. We call this the data demand,” he said when met at the event IdeaFest 2016 at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), Saturday (24/09/2016).
The data obtained can balance between supply and demand inreal-timeacross all its services.So, when there is high demand in certain areas, Grab party will inform drivers via their applications.
“For these drivers would increase income for them. For passengers certainly do not have to wait long,” said Tan.
Grab parties also use data to improve the estimated time of arrival (ETA) as well as longer trips.As a result passengers can take into account the duration of the road.
“So do not hurry fear into the office late or miss a movie,” said the woman’s bloody Malaysia.
Co-Founder Grab Tan Hooi Ling.
Grab the data collected is also used to monitor the condition of the road, such as an accident or flood.All the information will be forwarded to the driver inreal-time.
In addition the data they collect is aimed at improving safety.Grab use data telematics to monitor the position and speed of the driver.
“When you exceed a predetermined speed batasaan will be notified through their applications (drivers) to reduce,” said Tan.
Other beneficiaries to get the size of the level of service satisfaction.Throughtheassignedrating,passengers will measure the level of service driver.This can then be used the driver to provide the best service to passengers.
Seeing so much the use of the data, it’s no wonder the data science into one area will be increased investment by Grab after receiving a capital injection from Softbank.
Adapaun would do such a reliable recruiting talent to be placed on the development center located in Singapore, Beijing, and Seattle.Grab so it can develop innovative features such as Flash that brings together cars and taxis, improve routing in the system, and build proprietary POI database mapping.
“I believe that the technology platform, the data science andmachine learningthat we have will continue to evolve to support our ambitions in Southeast Asia,” said Anthony Tan, Group CEO & Co-founder some time ago.
To note, Grab obtain equity funding of USD 750 million or around Rp 9.8 trillion from the SoftBank Group.This cash injection will help Grab strengthen its position in competition with Uber in Southeast Asia.
Grab a previous investor in among others including the China Investment Corporation, Vertex Ventures Holdings and Temasek Holdings.Grab currently operates in Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.
Services, especially online motorcycle, popularly used in cities with severe congestion level such as Jakarta and Manila.These applications are also known in Singapore for the car rental service’s personal.


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