Facebook Messenger Update Features Direct Payment Of Application

In recent years, it has come a lot of mobile applications with a variety of functions and services offered.With the emergence of many such applications, would pose a stiff competition among the developers of similar application.And to survive, the only way is by presenting the best service to users.
As in competition chat applications, Facebook Messenger into one of the big names who controls the majority of users around the world.Not surprising really, because these applications arise from the separation of social media services giant #Facebookwho already have a user base of billions around the world.
And to further increase user interest in operating the Messenger app, Facebook has recently undertaken an update feature that allows users to pay for purchases online Messenger that their messages without having to leave the application.With this feature would enhance a previous feature that only allows users Messenger ordered without being able to make payments.
Facilitate Users Running Shop Online
Facebook understands that many users who frequently access the chat application online shopping sites to meet various needs.From there, a chat application such as the Messenger is not only used for communication but also for confirmation of payment.
From the thought that, a few months ago, precisely in the month of April 2016, issued a feature Facebook Messenger chat application that bots or systems that can be used to make a booking and confirmation #belanja online.And now, Facebook eventually enhance the feature by adding the ability bots that can make payments directly.
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Diverse offer Alternative Payment
In an update to the version of Messenger 1.2 is, in general will find it is the ability of bots that can be used to make payments directly through the application platform.In this case, after the user makes a purchase using a bot, then the system will automatically use the payment method of the user information that has been entered in the database up before.From there, bots can immediately run automatically process payments.
Regarding the payment alternatives that can be used by users is also considered quite diverse.Not only for those who have credit cards, users who use other payment media such as Stripe, PayPal, Braintree and American Express are also able to access the new features.
In a statement released on the official Facebook blog says that this feature is expected to allow users who want to make payments without having to leave the application.With a few clicks, the system will direct the order made by the user, as well as make payments.
Results Cooperation With Thousands Developer
Presented by one of the leaders of the project application Messenger, David Marcus, that there is now no less than 34,000 developers who are members of the Messenger platform.The developers helped to create 30,000 bots within a period of 6 months who have a variety of functions, primarily payment and online transactions.
David added, at the beginning of the development in April, the number of new developers are joining about 10,000.The figure increased by 11,000 in May and continues to grow today.From there the Messenger application developers are able to bring a variety of convenience to users.
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Until now, the system of bots that run within Facebook service has been able to serve hundreds of thousands types of user needs.In addition, the system is also capable robots accessible not only through text but also to see the site so much easier.
These changes gave the meaning that is large enough for the Messenger platform as #aplikasichatting multifunctional.If once many people who feel that separation with Messenger Facebook application is a big mistake, but now with the help of bots that provides more benefits to users, finally answered that the chat application this one also has great potential as large as the parent application.


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